Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ducky's Breakfast and Fall Frolic, II

Sunday was sunny, 50-60°F. I headed out early in the morning to get to Wegmans in Warrington, PA, for the "Ducky's Breakfast and Fall Frolic, II" geocaching event. This is a two-part event with a breakfast portion and another meetup at a park later in the day. The breakfast part of the event was in the "Market Cafe" section of Wegmans, upstairs from the supermarket. I had no idea this supermarket had such a large dining area. It's nice. I had an egg and cheese muffin and an Everything Bagel. After that, we dispersed to do some new geocaches that were placed for this part of the event. I also did a few of the other geocaches in the area. I don't get out there very often so there were quite a lot.

In the afternoon, we met up again at the gazebo in Tamanend Park in Southampton for the second part of the event. There were 8 new geocaches placed specially for the event, so we did a loop hike around the park in a big group. We saved time by signing the log books as "Team Everyone". The event ended at around 3pm. Since there was still some daylight, I continued geocaching around Southampton, Feasterville-Trevose, Bensalem, and Northeast Philadelphia. I actually went quite a bit past sunset since the last 9 geocaches of the day were all in urban-type settings, not in the woods.

Since it was late enough by the time I was done geocaching, I decided to go to Philadelphia Chinatown and try to find a free street-parking space. I was lucky because the very first block I checked had a space. So I went to Banana Leaf for dinner and had roti canai and prawn mee.

Fallen Tree 2 (Delaware)
God or Mammon (Pennsylvania)
Ducky's Breakfast and Fall Frolic, II (Pennsylvania)
Warrington Warriors (Pennsylvania)
Turk Road Park 1 (Pennsylvania)
Bison in Pine Quintus (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People (Pennsylvania)
Ducky's Breakfast and Fall Frolic, II (Pennsylvania)
Guard Me (Pennsylvania)
Message In A Bottle 1 (Pennsylvania)
Cachin' Good in the Neighborhood (Pennsylvania)
Cap Cache Series: Southampton Emergency (Pennsylvania)
Fast Food Frenzy Series - Patriotic Ronald (Pennsylvania)
wachamole (Pennsylvania)
Maplewood (Pennsylvania)
Russell E Elliot Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)
Phever (Pennsylvania)
Cry Baby #4 - Like Taking Candy... (Pennsylvania)
I Must Dance! (Pennsylvania)
bumber bowling (Pennsylvania)
My Car is Tired (Pennsylvania)
Concord Park (Pennsylvania)
Hanging at the Interplex (Pennsylvania)
CJ's (Pennsylvania)
Andre, The Giant Micro Cache of Bensalem (Pennsylvania)
W.C. Fields (Pennsylvania)
Tabis Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Roll out of bed and find a cache. (Pennsylvania)
The New Stone Manor (Pennsylvania)
Ducky Trading Post - Warrington (Pennsylvania)
Dutch Redwoods (Pennsylvania)
Look! It's a Holly! (Pennsylvania)
A Nice Easy Stroll In The Park (Pennsylvania)
Butterfly Garden (Pennsylvania)
MMC 1 - Who Ate The Prey? (Pennsylvania)
Ariel's Nature Sanctuary (Pennsylvania)
I Taw a Puddy Tat! (Pennsylvania)
Ducky Trading Post - Southampton (Pennsylvania)

Tags: banana leaf, bucks county, geocaching, geocaching event, philadelphia chinatown, wegmans

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