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Lancaster XXXVIII and XXXIX - Two days of Battleships

Cloudy, 50-60°F. I went geocaching in Lancaster County this weekend for two days in a row. However, I didn't stay there overnight because it wasn't worth getting a motel room in a place that is just an hour from home. I continued working on the Battleship series of geocaches, although not exclusively on that since there were other geocaches I wanted to do in between.

On Saturday, I hiked Silver Mine Park in Pequea. Even though the cache was named "Silvermine - Hill Climb" and rated 3.5 stars for terrain, it wasn't much of an incline if you went the right way. Only the last step was steep and potentially dangerous but I held on to the tree while reaching for the cache. "LEISURE TIME" worried me a little. This cache is hidden as a very common object and aside from reading the online logs, there was no way I could tell that was it. Furthermore, I needed a screwdriver to pry it open! I hope no one starts breaking these things thinking the real thing might be the cache. In the evening, I had Cici's Pizza in Lancaster to use a receipt coupon I had since February but never had a chance to use. I was surprised they took that!

On Sunday, I did more Battleship geocaches but I also did the Greenfield series, 8 geocaches located around the Greenfield corporate commons. This corporate campus has a nice park and pond (with some interesting sculptures) in the center that is open to the public. At Longs Park, I came across a guy with a parrot near one of the 3 geocaches in the park. There was also a dog without a bone in the same park. :) I ran into some geocachers on Sunday, one family in Longs Park and cmiller06 & chewie8han in the Greenfield area. I guess the chances of meeting other geocachers increases closer to the urban part of Lancaster. In the evening, I went to Long John Silver's on Manheim Pike for fish and more fish. (I noticed that a fish sandwich is only 30 cents more than an extra piece of fish, so I might as well have the piece of fish and the bun around it too.)


Battleship - F6 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - E5 (Pennsylvania)
Log Cabin (Pennsylvania)
Silvermine - Watch your step (Pennsylvania)
Silvermine - Hill Climb (Ode to Seve's Cache) (Pennsylvania)
Silvermine - Jessie Rules !! (Pennsylvania)
Silvermine - Dani Delivers !! (Pennsylvania)
The Start Of The Trail (Pennsylvania)
Nice quiet trail (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - D2 (Pennsylvania)
Owl Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Boyer Nature Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Closed Now - Be polite and open me up (Pennsylvania)
Happy Halloween Jason (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - I1 (Pennsylvania)
Pump and Go (Pennsylvania)
Gas @ Wholesale? (Pennsylvania)
LEISURE TIME (Pennsylvania)
Lots of Space (Pennsylvania)
Estelle's TB Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - E7 (Pennsylvania)
Cara's Crazy Corporate Camo Cache (Pennsylvania)
Duke Of Bubbles (Pennsylvania)


Battleship - H1 (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - STONER :) (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - Ducking Around (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - Peaceful Island (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - Powering Up Nearby (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - Hanging Out (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - Business VA? (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - Water Feature (Pennsylvania)
Greenfield Series - Not usually your friend (Pennsylvania)
Going Out TB Hotel (Pennsylvania)
A Premier Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - C5 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - F1 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - A1 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - G1 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - D7 (Pennsylvania)
Greenhorn 2 (Pennsylvania)
Long's Park Micro (Pennsylvania)
Another Brick (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - D8 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - C7 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - J1 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - H9 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: battleship series, cici's pizza, geocaching, greenfield series, lancaster county, long john silver's

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