Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Thanksgiving and after

I actually had a turkey this Thanksgiving because I got a free 10-lb bird from BJ's Wholesale a week ago. At the warehouse club, I only had to spend about $25 on turkey fixings to get the free turkey, so that was easy. (In comparison, I'd have to spend over $100 at the local supermarket and that's only to get a discount on the turkey.) So I stayed home the whole of Thursday because one turkey, with stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce was more than enough for both lunch and dinner. (and for at least two meals next week, since I froze the leftovers)

On Friday, it was time to venture out of the cave again since it was a nice sunny 60-65°F day. I thought I'd start a bit later to allow time for the Black Friday shopping traffic to dissipate but I needn't have worried. Since everyone was already inside the malls and stores, the roads were clear all the way. Ironically, the first 3 geocaches I did were around the Granite Run Mall in Media. What should've been the worst day to do these geocaches was actually not bad. I also geocached in Newtown Square, Radnor, and Wayne. 16 geocaches was not bad since I started late and sunset came early.

After that, I picked up a chocolate turnover at Arby's in Broomall on the way to dinner, which was back in-state at Chili's in Newark. I had chicken quesadillas and chicken nachos since they were doing this free-appetizer coupon thing today. In retrospect, I should've gotten something else either for the entree or for the appetizer because those two items looked rather similar. The only Black Friday shopping I did was at BJ's Wholesale because there were breakfast cereal specials. (Never mind that I already have enough to last me until March!)

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