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Lancaster XXXX and XXXXI - Another two days of Battleships

Sunny, 55-60°F. On the Saturday and Sunday of the long weekend, I went to Lancaster County again to make more progress on the battleship series of geocaches. The series isn't confined to Lancaster County though. On Saturday, I went as far north as the Middle Creek WMA, which is a bit into Lebanon County. Then on Sunday, I did a number of battleship caches in York County near Hallam. This was actually a pretty productive weekend. On Saturday, I sank the destroyer. (3 grid squares) On Sunday, I got the submarine (3 squares) and the aircraft carrier. (5 squares) Only the battleship (4 squares) remains but I do have enough information to get it next time. Also on Sunday, since I was in York County, I finally visited the cache for the PT Boat, which I sank a while ago.

It was another interesting trip out there. I saw many miles of middle of nowhere scenery with the occasional covered bridge. I watched the sunset at Middle Creek Reservoir and saw a calf at a farm just outside of Mount Joy. The farmers have got to be wondering why dozens of people have been checking the roadside across from the farm over the past month or so.


Something Cached (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - B2 (Pennsylvania)
Tour de bridges #5 (Pennsylvania)
Tour de bridges 4 (thats ironic) (Pennsylvania)
Bethany's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hole in the Wall #2 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - D10 (Pennsylvania)
Mrs. Holstein's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - I6 (Pennsylvania)
The Toy Goblin (Pennsylvania)
Frogger (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - H6 (Pennsylvania)
Cocalico Sportsmen Club (Pennsylvania)
Middle Creek Outlook (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - C4 (Pennsylvania)
Middle Creek Parking Area "C & D" #1 (Pennsylvania)
Wild Goose Chase or Swan Song (Pennsylvania)
Duck, Duck, Goose! (Pennsylvania)
Middle Creek Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - I7 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - G5 (Pennsylvania)
I See Jared! (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (1.5/1.0) Don't Be A Chicken! (Pennsylvania)
Roadside Princess #2 (Pennsylvania)


Battleship - E8 (Pennsylvania)
Drano (Pennsylvania)
Dutch Treat (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - B5 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - J6 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - F10 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - G4 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - I4 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - H5 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - I5 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - G7 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - E4 (Pennsylvania)
Old Guard (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - H3 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - C3 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - J5 (Pennsylvania)
Someone Say Cat? (Pennsylvania)
PADC-C2E1, Cache to Eagle (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - F9 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - You Sank My PT Boat! (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - E9 (Pennsylvania)
Lizard At the poles (Pennsylvania)
It's Gravey (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - I2 (Pennsylvania)
York 100 - Can You Hear Me Now? (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - E6 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - D3 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - H2 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - C1 (Pennsylvania)
Broncobuster (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - F4 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: battleship series, geocaching, lancaster county

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