Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware County and Montgomery County

Sunny, 45-50°F, although due to the short daylight, 9 out of the 19 geocaches I did today were after sunset! Since I've had enough of Lancaster for a while, I decided to do some geocaches closer (in a relative sense) to home. So I went geocaching in Newtown Square, Radnor, Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell, Center Square, and North Wales.

There were a few interesting and/or funny geocaches today but I thought the best one of the day was "May I Offer You A Little Something ?" It was hanging high up in a tree. Since the terrain rating is only 1 star, the trick is not to climb the tree but to devise a way to unhook the cache, bring it down, and hook it back up there again later. I used one of the many fallen branches near the cache site to do that. I was a bit surprised that I could actually summon up enough dexterity to get and put it back in one try, especially since there were other tree branches and twigs getting in the way.

"Honey, I Fed The Kids" and "FAIL!" were the funny geocaches of the day. The former pokes fun at McDonald's (and is right next to McDonald's in Conshohocken), while the latter is funny because of the sign on which it is hidden.

Dinner was pork nachos at Baja Fresh in Conshohocken. I haven't been to Baja Fresh in months, probably won't be back to one for a while, and since there's a location within a mile of the Blue Route, I figured why not? I thought the food was only about average but their cranberry salsa was interesting. (No turkey though!) I just wish they would refrain from making racist jokes within earshot of the dining area. Even if not directed at me personally, it doesn't seem appropriate in the presence of customers. (I noted this when I filled out the customer survey later this evening.)

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