Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXXXIII and FSC-2011 Celebration

With the short daylight this time of year, I know I'm not going to do that much geocaching. So I pretty much let geocaching events decide where I go. So on Tuesday, I took the day off and went to Lancaster for the "L.O.S.T. at who's place? Your Place!" geocaching event. It was held in the evening at the oddly-named Your Place restaurant. (I imagine some conversations go like this: "Where are we going?" "Your Place." "My place?") I had a crab cake sandwich. Since I was in Lancaster, I took the opportunity to get some of the remaining Battleship grids and also a few other geocaches at the edge of Lancaster County. I also got some whoopie pies from the Masonic Village market in Elizabethtown. It's like a brownie with cream filling.

Wednesday evening was scheduled maintenance for the car. Mileage is 170,443. There isn't even a maintenance schedule past 100,000 miles so the service tech just did the "winter maintenance special" from this month's circular plus the usual inspection.

On Saturday, I went to the "FSC-2011 Celebration Event" at Uno Chicago Grill in Dover. It's a little awards ceremony for everyone who completed the First State Challenge series of geocaches last month. I got a certificate and a pathtag. (The pink mouse is not part of the prize. :) ) I had a muchos nachos appetizer as the entree. It's priced like an entree, so I figured why not? I went geocaching in Kent County after the event. I didn't think I'd do very many but there was a good trio of quick geocaches in Frederica and two more in Milford that I thought were potentially troublesome but I had good luck on this evening.

Tags: first state challenge, geocaching, geocaching event, kent county, lancaster county, masonic village, uno chicago grill, your place

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