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Cloudy, 40-45°F. I was intrigued by a series of geocaches, all titled "Plainsboro Preserve...", that showed up at the top of the recently published list. That was two weeks ago but I finally went up to Plainsboro this morning to take a stab at this series. It turns out that those were all Ranger Rick themed geocaches! The geocaches were placed by the nature center people. There was a side game in this series. In each cache, there is a paw print stamp and as you find each cache, you can stamp your Ranger Rick's Trails passport. I brought my completed passport back to the nature center and the prize was a 10% discount in their nature store.

After that, I left the preserve and went geocaching in and around Plainsboro. There weren't many geocaches to find since I'd already been in that area just a few months ago. However, I was finally able to do "Plainsboro Cache & Dash #2", which I couldn't do the last time because there were people nearby. So this cache is easier when it's cold and dark and the plaza outside the Plainsboro Public Library is deserted.

For dinner, I went to On The Border in Princeton and had empanadas, tostada, refried beans and rice, house salad, and sopapillas. I had an On The Border coupon that I just had to use this evening because I almost never pass by an On The Border restaurant.

Tags: central jersey, geocaching, on the border, ranger rick
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