Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

North/Northwest Chester County

Sunny, 34-40°F. It was a cold Sunday but I was fine once I started walking. I began the day with two geocaches in Delaware, one of which was this burger-shaped container. Then I went north into Chester County through Embreeville (3 geocaches in Cheslen Preserve), Thorndale, Downingtown, Caln, West Brandywine, and West Nantmeal.

I thought the four new geocaches in Thorndale were pretty good. Three of those were crafty but not in a way that made them hard to find. The only surprise location was "Hideaway Farms Micro", near Springton Manor. I thought it was going to be a farm or farm preserve, but "Hideaway Farms" turned out to be the name of a new housing development. Finding my way around back there was interesting, to say the least, because the place was so new that none of the roads were in the GPS map.

Tags: chester county, geocaching

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