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New Year's Eve - Anchors Aweigh

Sunny, 50-60°F. I thought I'd go somewhere a bit different on the last day of 2011. Well, it's different for me anywhere since I rarely go to the Baltimore area. (That was only my second time there in 2011.) That $6 toll before the Susquehanna makes me think twice before going past Cecil County, but I digress. I started the day at the "Anchors Aweigh!" geocaching event at Nautilus Diner in Timonium. I didn't feel like having actual breakfast food so I ordered gyro with fried onions. Since I hadn't been going to geocaching events in Maryland, I didn't know anyone there. Funny thing is though, geocaching seems to be pretty much the same anywhere. I heard quite a bit of intriguing geo-drama listening in on the conversations, but it's not so different from what I've heard at geocaching events in Lancaster, Bucks County, New Jersey, and Long Island. It's the usual cases of people cheating to get FTFs, signing each other in, and stealing geocaches.

After the geocaching event, I went and found geocaches in Lutherville-Timonium, Towson, Northwood, and Pikesville. I didn't actually do all the geocaches I could've done because it was time for dinner. When I went to the White Marsh area for dinner though, I didn't count on most restaurants shutting down early for New Year's Eve. Denny's in Nottingham was still open, however, so I had a Holiday Turkey Melt. After that, I did two more geocaches in White Marsh / Rossville before going home. The last one I did was "Finds for Each Day of the Year Challenge-4 Seasons", a challenge cache with the prerequisite of finding at least one geocache on each of the 366 days of the year. I qualified a long time ago, so it was a snap but I thought it was a good one to close the year on.

Anchors Aweigh! (Maryland)
Kinko Cache (Maryland)
The Green Meanie (Maryland)
A Kiss For You! (Maryland)
Coincache's Color By Numbers: Green (2) (Maryland)
Coincache's Stache (Maryland)
A Penny for your Thought's (Maryland)
Under Cover (Maryland)
zodiac (without puzzle) (Maryland)
Sian Sionnach (Maryland)
Baltimore Collegetown - Towson U (Maryland)
Johnny and Joe Need Dr. Bob (Maryland)
TowsonGlenCache (Maryland)
Welcome to Rogers Forge (Maryland)
Another Bright Red Lid (Maryland)
OutFoxed (Maryland)
Evesham Park (Maryland)
Bank on it!!! (Maryland)
Original Cache (Maryland)
To Grandmother's House We Go (Maryland)
DISGRUNTLED Easter Bunny Family!! (Maryland)
Falls Road Lunch Time C&D Series #1 (Maryland)
Falls Road Lunch Time C&D Series #2 (Maryland)
Falls Road Lunch Time C&D Series #3 (Maryland)
Falls Road Lunch Time C&D Series #4 (Maryland)
Falls Road Lunch Time C&D Series #5 (Maryland)
Falls Road Lunch Time C&D Series #6 (Maryland)
Spinning Dreidle #7 (Maryland)
Quarry Lake Overview (Maryland)
Spinning Dreidle #1 (Maryland)
Spinning Dreidle #Fore... err... 4 (Maryland)
Spinning Dreidle #2 (Maryland)
695 Travel Box (Maryland)
C'mon, you can handle it! (Maryland)
”OYR” Wanna Be #15-2 in Baltimore, MD (Maryland)
Inch By Inch (Maryland)
Finds for Each Day of the Year Challenge-4 Seasons (Maryland)

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