Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Maryland - Maryland House, Joppatowne, White Marsh, Middle River

Sunny, 40-45°F. I couldn't let the "Finds for Each Day" series of challenge geocaches go unfinished, so two days after I did the first one, I returned for the other four. Qualification for these challenges was trivial. I've geocached on all 366 days of the year, so of course I have all four seasons too. Along the way, I stopped at the Maryland House rest area on I-95 and did four geocaches there. You'd think rest area caches would be quick but these ones required over a mile of hiking through the rough wooded areas at the north and south ends of the rest area.

Then I did a bunch geocaches along a stretch of Route 7 where there was a geocache every quarter of a mile or so. Then finally, I did the four "Finds for Each Day" caches. Then I arrived at the White Marsh mall area. The roads around there were so busy that I decided to keep going east to Middle River. "Speeders BEWARE!" is noteworthy because this cache was mentioned in a geocaching forum thread about dangerous/illegal geocaches since it is next to a highway. I was intrigued and decided to go right to that one as soon as I recognized its location on the map. Well, despite the controversy, there really isn't a problem. The highway is probably one of the least busy highways in that part of Maryland. The only real issue I could see is my car was partly on the bike lane when I parked next to the cache site. But I was there only for a few minutes so it's not a big deal.

Maryland House II (Maryland)
Maryland House IV--Easy or Hard? (Version 1.1) (Maryland)
Maryland House (Version 2.0) (Maryland)
Maryland House III--Bushwhacker's Delight (Maryland)
Its Electric (Maryland)
Raphel Road Substation (Maryland)
Raphel Road End (Maryland)
Ford's Asbury Lodge #1 (Maryland)
Finds for Each Day of the Season Challenge -Winter (Maryland)
Finds for Each Day of the Season Challenge -Autumn (Maryland)
Finds for Each Day of the Season Challenge -Summer (Maryland)
Finds for Each Day of the Season Challenge -Spring (Maryland)
On The Way To Church (Maryland)
Reflections Of A Dead End Cache (Maryland)
Speeders BEWARE! (Maryland)
The Cross Roads Micros's V (Maryland)
The Cross Roads Micros's IV (Maryland)
Cache me if you can (Maryland)
A Well Done Cache (Maryland)
zack attack (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 56 (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 53 (Maryland)

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