Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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PBCD South Jersey

Sunny, 20-25°F. It was a cold day so I wasn't keen on doing any geocaches where I'd have to walk a significant distance from parking. My technique was to create a pocket query centered somewhere around Egg Harbor Township for geocaches of any type with difficulty and terrain of 1.5 and below. Limiting the query to really easy geocaches makes it possible to cover pretty much all of South Jersey in one download. Of course, low difficulty and terrain ratings don't tell the whole story. There are some geocaches, especially bike trail geocaches, with low terrain ratings even though the distance from parking is considerable. There are also numerous misrated geocaches. So this query was just a starting point and I still had to check the map and read cache descriptions and logs to be sure. In any case, that's how I picked the first few geocaches of the day. After those, I browsed the summary listing in Neongeo to pick more likely candidates.

Anyway, I went from Salem to Gloucester County, east then north, circling Williamstown. It wasn't really that cold once I got used to it, so towards the end of the day, I did try a half-mile round trip walk for "Senner Property". That went pretty well, even if I thought my fingers were going to freeze off before I got back to the car! To be fair, there were a few other geocaches, "Gone Fishin'", "My First Cache", and "Ducky", with a bit of walking. However, it felt much colder walking across an open field area than in a wooded area because of exposure to the wind. That's another factor to take into consideration beyond the terrain rating.

The only geocache I had difficulty with today was Chop-A-Block. According to the cache description, it is in the cache owner's friend's backyard with permission. Fair enough. When I got there, I noticed that the residents were home. So I knocked on the door and asked them if it was okay to look for the geocache in their backyard. They didn't know anything about the geocache! So I left. Given that coordinates may be a bit off, I think it would've been a good idea for the cache owner to provide a street address in the cache description or hint. However, I'd still knock on the door and ask anyway because it doesn't seem proper to just walk right into someone's backyard. On the other hand, if that was the correct house, then we have a problem.

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