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LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2012, 1st Qtr

Sunny, 45-50°F. Today, I had 3 events from 3 different interest groups but I picked the geocaching breakfast event in Lehigh Valley because the last few of these have been very good. Unfortunately, even though the 3 events are at different times of the day, it was impractical to try to attend all 3 because of the distances involved. Once I made the 90-minute trip to Lehigh Valley, I had to spend the whole day and evening there to make the trip worthwhile. I hope there won't be event conflicts next time so I can do something else next month.

Anyway, the "LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley" event was at Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem this time. I had bacon and eggs with French toast. After the gathering, a group of us (Wizard1626, ST.FU, SilverKat1, Theenighthunters, Zix7, Zox7, Zobx, Captinsparrow, B Team, SAJSKI1, and I) went to do a bunch of geocaches in Allentown. The group got smaller later in the day (because some folks had errands or work to do) but we continued westwards into Berks County to do a cluster of geocaches in Topton. We were a rather successful geocaching group because each of us brought different searching skills and different ideas to the table. Through team effort, even the difficult geocaches we attempted didn't take very long to find. And of course, what mattered was we were a fun group.

The group split up at dusk. After that, I found a bunch more geocaches around Fogelsville before having dinner at the Arby's and Long John Silver's restaurant in Fogelsville. This is an unusual combination that I haven't encountered anywhere else yet. It's a single building with Arby's on one side and LJS on the other side. So I had a fish basket combo on the LJS side before moving over to Arby's for mozzarella sticks.

AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Cancer (Pennsylvania)
Christmas City, PA (Pennsylvania)
See No Evil (Pennsylvania)
Hear No Evil (Pennsylvania)
Do No Evil (Pennsylvania)
Speak No Evil (Pennsylvania)
Monkey In The Middle (Pennsylvania)
LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2012, 1st Qtr (Pennsylvania)
Get Some Air (Pennsylvania)
I Can't Believe???? (Pennsylvania)
Dwarf Monkey Troupe - Squirrel Monkey (Pennsylvania)
The Great Ice Cream Challenge-Tyson's Favorite! (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Virgo (Pennsylvania)
Zion's (In Loving Memory of Mike and Kyle) (Pennsylvania)
Eagle Field (A-Z Series) (Pennsylvania)
Topton Cemetery (A-Z series) (Pennsylvania)
Legion's Artillery(A-Z Series) (Pennsylvania)
Home on the GRANGE (Pennsylvania)
Lutheran View (A-Z Series) (Pennsylvania)
Creepy Crawly #7- Golum (Pennsylvania)
Creepy Crawly #1 (Pennsylvania)
J family #7 (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne's ZodiaCache Taurus (Pennsylvania)
A HAAF mile out of town (Pennsylvania)
In the RITE light (Pennsylvania)
You Cracker me up! (Pennsylvania)
Green Hills Joint (Pennsylvania)
It's Hard to Stop A Trane - Allentown (Pennsylvania)
Make It Sparkle (Pennsylvania)

Tags: arby's, borderline restaurant, geocaching, lehigh valley, long john silver's

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