Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXXXIV - Lancaster the Dangerous

Sunny, 45-50°F. I started the day with breakfast buffet at Old Country Buffet in Newark. Actually, that took pretty much the whole morning because I like to take my time. For the afternoon, I decided it was a fine day to do some walking, so I hit some geocaches in Western Chester County and Lancaster County. However, the only two that actually involved more than a trivial walk were "Goddard Park Cache" and "Homewood Nature Preserve". Those are in rather nice former-farmland preserve areas.

In the evening, I decided to do some geocaches in downtown Lancaster City since most of those seemed accessible after dusk. Lancaster has a few seedy neighborhoods but one place that bothered me was in the vicinity of the "Lancaster City, Pennsylvania" geocache. I saw what appeared to be signs of a recent car break-in. There was a car with a smashed driver's-side window and broken glass on the asphalt next to it. That location is right next to a busy road so I was surprised to see the smashed window, but maybe no one noticed or cared when the incident happened.

After the last geocache of the evening, which was in Leola, I decided to head down to the US-30 outlet mall area in Lancaster for dinner. The nüvi suggested a shortcut via a series of country roads. Country roads in Lancaster have slow-moving Amish buggy traffic, so standard practice if you're driving is to pass them if it is safe to do so. Anyway, I was driving along when I nearly got into a head-on collision with someone who was passing an Amish buggy at a blind corner! Scary! Good thing I was driving slowly at the time and had just enough time to pull over and let the fellow get through.

"Torqueo Leonis Cauda" was the funniest geocache of the day. It's in downtown Lancaster at a lion sculpture/fountain next to the road. I started looking around without success, so I thought I'd use mobile data to look up the Latin in the cache name. Once I did that, I knew where I had to look! Good thing it was late enough that no one else was in the area. What would passers-by have thought if they saw me picking the butt of the lion sculpture?

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, old country buffet

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