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LVG Super Saturday and Route 9

Sunny, 40-45°F. On Saturday, I headed out early in the morning to Hugh Moore Park in Easton for the "LVG GeoPark Super Saturday Celebration" geocaching event. Yes, it's the second Saturday in the row I traveled to Lehigh Valley for the event. The difference is last Saturday's event was breakfast at a restaurant while this Saturday was outdoors. We met up at the park pavillion and then headed out in groups to do all the new geocaches in the park. One interesting thing they did here is they tried to host as many geocache types as possible within this park. So on that day, one could do 7 cache types in a single day: event, traditional, multi, earthcache, Whereigo, puzzle, and letterbox hybrid. That was a big deal for me since prior to that day, I never had more than 5 cache types in a day. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

We actually finished early so Captain Math, Gilwell, and I headed out to do some puzzle caches in the area. One of those puzzle caches, "Rosko's "88" for 08-08-08", was apparently too difficult to solve. So we asked some locals for directions to the (well-known?) steps in Phillipsburg and found the cache that way. It still took some driving around though. After that, I went off to do some geocaches on my own but the funny thing is I ran into CM and Gilwell again just an hour later at "G.I. Ant - Forks Twshp". Looks like great minds think alike. (Or is it "fools seldom differ"? :) )

Sunday was another sunny 40-45°F day. I took a Sunday drive and the route I chose was straight down Route 9, from New Castle to Dover, to do the "Rt-9" series of geocaches. Those were all pretty easy and I was running a bit ahead of time, so I decided to do "Wastin Away in South Bombay" along the way. I thought that would be a difficult area to get into but in the winter, it was dry and relatively brush-free.


Welcome to LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Iron Pigs Letterbox at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
LVG GeoPark Super Saturday Celebration (Pennsylvania)
Stumped for a name--LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Another Brick in the Wall at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Fill 'Er Up--LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Fill in the Gap at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
CAUTION: Snakes! at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh Canal at the LVGGP Wherigo Tour (Pennsylvania)
Silly Muggles, Tricks are for Cachers at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
One for Good Measure--LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
DeLightful Canal--LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Travel Bug Stop at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Remembering the Past (Pennsylvania)
Iron Pigs Earthcache at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
Sword in the Stone at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
One Busy Day Challenge at the LVGGP (Pennsylvania)
SSE: Home Cache (Pennsylvania)
One Mans Trash is One Girls Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #22 (Pennsylvania)
Rosko's "88" for 08-08-08 (New Jersey)
RailRoad (New Jersey)
Dam Bushkill Creek (Pennsylvania)
~Geodude's~ Cache (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Ant - Forks Twshp (Pennsylvania)
Sandwich and Coffee To Go (Pennsylvania)
Luck of the Irish 3 (Pennsylvania)
Luck of the Irish 1 (Pennsylvania)
Birthday Party Celebration #1 (Pennsylvania)
Luck of the Irish 2 (Pennsylvania)
Mysterious Whisper (Pennsylvania)


Rt-9 Start, Armo Creek Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Augustine Creek Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Silver Run Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Appoquinimink River Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 South Channel Appoquinimink River Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Hangmans Run Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Blackbird Creek Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Cemetery by Fire Base Lloyd (Delaware)
Rt-9 Smyrna River Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Woodland Beach Road (Delaware)
Rt-9 Leipsic River Bridge (Delaware)
Rt-9 Leipsic Town Center (Delaware)
Wastin Away in South Bombay (Delaware)
Rt-9 Little Creek Stone Tavern (Delaware)
Just the place I was looking for! (Delaware)
Rt-9 THE SOUTHERN END (Delaware)
Art & Nate's Overflow Parking. (Delaware)

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