Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Snow Day - Southern Chester County

37°F. It was snowing this morning and it actually snowed lightly most of the day but it wasn't cold enough for anything to stick to the roads. So I went out to get some geocaches that weren't too far away. I started in New Garden and Avondale. ("TOA" series) Then I went around Southern Chester County for the SCCCF (Southern Chester County Cache Flood) series of geocaches.

"Water Works" and "Got Mail" were the two most interesting geocaches of the day. At "Water Works", the cache is attached to a floater and it is in a pipe that you have to fill with water in order to get the cache out. I knew that from the description so I brought a 5-gallon bucket. I also knew from experience that the pipe would have a hole letting the water drain out, so I brought a roll of duct tape as well to cover that hole. Then I used water from a nearby creek and I was able to retrieve the cache. "Got Mail" is a simple puzzle cache leading to a little padlocked mailbox on the wooden fence outside the Pocopson post office. I thought it was great that the postmaster allowed this cache placement but I noticed that it is in a play area with a mini post office for kids. Nice to see a USPS location not taking itself too seriously.

The last cache of the day was in Parkesburg. The light snow turned into a blizzard suddenly and so I decided to call it a day. Parkesburg probably wasn't the best place to be during a snowstorm. As I was about to leave town, I noticed that traffic was backed up, probably because of an accident or other blockage on the curvy country road outside of town. So I had to detour and take a longer way back to Route 41 to get home.

Tags: chester county, geocaching, snow

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