Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

PBCD - Winter Shindig IV

Sunny, 28-32°F. It was a cold day, or at least colder than what I've experienced so far this winter. After last night's snow, I wasn't sure if I should wait until later in the morning to leave home but there didn't seem to be any problems. So I went to Warminster this morning for the "Winter Shindig IV" geocaching event. It's at Giuseppe's Pizza. (I had a BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich with onion rings.) I've been to this event a few years in a row and as always, I thought it was a good time and worth the one-hour trip out there. I got some door prizes too, ducky stuff.

After that, I went out to do some geocaches in the area. Most of those were short walks and quick finds because I didn't want to be out in the cold for too long. Only "Taylor #1" was somewhat of a walk, possibly because I took the wrong approach. "Microsaurus" was an interesting mystery cache because it could be in any of 3 identical locations (3 dinosaurs in the playground) and the finder is allowed to move it to a different spot of the 3. One thing I wondered is whether there have been reports of car break-ins at parks in the Horsham-Montgomeryville area. I noticed a lot of police presence and they waited in the parking lot until everyone left. (However, they didn't question me even though they probably saw me looking under the dinos in the playground! A perfectly normal thing to do? :) )

For the last two geocaches, I returned to Price's Corner in Delaware since I was planning to have dinner near home anyway. "Not 4 the Meek!" is probably the most dangerous cache I did all day. The cache is pretty high up from ground level. However, I saw a way to walk right to it, so it was actually easy if I didn't fall from the ledge. That's the reason why I waited until the snow was gone before going for this one. It really wasn't that bad though. I had safety gear when I did that and I held on to the fence when I retrieved the cache. "Spice's Corner" is another extraordinary cache. It's a lamp post hide but when I lifted the lamp skirt, I saw a diorama with a tiny deer, a tiny tree, and the cache. That is very creative and cute, although I suspect it would be hard to explain the next time someone actually has to do maintenance on that lamp post.

Tags: bucks county, geocaching, geocaching event, giuseppe's pizza, montgomery county

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