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Chester County and Morgantown

Sunny, 45°F. I started the day with two challenge geocaches near home. The "Delaware Top 10 Favorites Cache Challenge" has a prerequisite that you must have already found the top 10 favorited caches in this state before logging the challenge. I knew I qualified but I had to wait until I got home to post the proof. "Feast of 50 Fabulous Foods Challenge" requires one to have already found 50 geocaches with food in the cache title. This was trivial since I'd already made this list for a similar challenge cache up in Lehigh Valley a while ago.

After that, I went into Chester County to finish the SCCCF (Southern Chester County Cache Flood) series. Then I went to Parkesburg to do the geocaches I couldn't do last Saturday because of the surprise snowstorm. Then I geocached in a bunch of little towns -- Springton, Glenmoore, West Nantmeal, West Brandywine, and Morgantown. There were a nice bunch of easy geocaches in Morgantown. The only hard one was "Bear's Cup of Jo", which is on the side of a convenience store. Fortunately, I had assistance from one of the staff. She didn't know exactly where the cache was either but she had some idea of the way it was hidden.

Next, I took the PA Turnpike over to Downingtown and Exton for a few more geocaches before dinner. I thought "Naming The Bridges #1 - "Lloyd"" was the most creative one. The cache owner made a devious cache that looks exactly like part of the footbridge. The clever part of this setup is he also made a dummy piece for the other side to preserve symmetry so you won't notice anything odd. That took me a while to figure out until I realized that this one section of the bridge wasn't quite the same as the next section. And finally, dinner was at Ruby Tuesday in Exton. I had Buffalo Chicken Minis with salad bar. This Ruby Tuesday has the best setup so far for food photography. The overhead lighting contrasted with the dark table surface made the food stand out.

Delaware Top 10 Favorites Cache Challange (Delaware)
Feast of 50 Fabulous Foods Challenge (Delaware)
SCCCF of 2012 #6 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #5 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #4 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #15 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #8 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #7 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #16 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #17 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #14 (Pennsylvania)
SCCCF of 2012 #3 (Pennsylvania)
Abandoned ... (Pennsylvania)
Parkesburg Woods (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - 1817 (Pennsylvania)
Green Machine (Pennsylvania)
Red Stripper (Pennsylvania)
Wally World (Pennsylvania)
Springton Rocks (Pennsylvania)
Meals & Wheels (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? (Pennsylvania)
West Nantmeal Park (Pennsylvania)
Bear Care (Pennsylvania)
"Always" Morgantown (Pennsylvania)
Made-To-Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bear's Cup of Jo (Pennsylvania)
pole position (Pennsylvania)
gaurdian of air (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #28 - Stake A Little Off The Top (Pennsylvania)
Naming The Bridges #1 - "Lloyd" (Pennsylvania)

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