Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXXXV - Amish tour

The weather forecast was for chance of rain today but it turned out to be sunny and 45°F instead. I went to Lancaster to do a series of geocaches that are at pretty much every Amish tourist trap along Route 340 from Intercourse to Bird-in-Hand. It was actually rather fortunate that I decided to hit those geocaches on a Sunday because most of the stores were closed today and I didn't have to deal with any crowds. It seems many of Lancaster-area geocachers had the same idea. I ran into Geo Jo, Horselady, and DontPanic at some of those cache sites but I heard from DontPanic that there were a few more groups doing the series.

After I was done with the Route 340 geocaches, I did a few more geocaches in downtown Lancaster before calling it a day.

Your call can not be completed as dialed (Pennsylvania)
Amish View (Pennsylvania)
Something's Buggying Me (Pennsylvania)
You've Got Room to Learn Something (Pennsylvania)
Out in Front (Pennsylvania)
A Second One in the Bush (Pennsylvania)
One in the Bush (Pennsylvania)
Out in Back (Pennsylvania)
It's New to You (Pennsylvania)
Millcreek Micro (Pennsylvania)
T to the Hizzle in Smoketown (Pennsylvania)
It's Your Dime (Pennsylvania)
Rudolph's Runway (Pennsylvania)
Fully Equipped (Pennsylvania)
Something's in the Cupboard (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis #4 (Pennsylvania)
Lift me up don't be embarrassed. (Pennsylvania)
I bet this area is never used. (Pennsylvania)
Beside the small one (Pennsylvania)
Nesting comfortably (Pennsylvania)
Wait For Me (Pennsylvania)
Orange Cottage (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - Gembe 1888 (Pennsylvania)
Cattle Barren (Pennsylvania)
PADC-C2E4, Cache to Eagle (Pennsylvania)
Life is Short, Eat Dessert First!! (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county

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