Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Leap Day Celebrations

Rainy, 45°F. I took the day off this February 29 so I could attend a few Leap Day geocaching events. There were many events in the area but I picked 3 that weren't too far away and didn't overlap. The first event was "Leaping with EPAC", a breakfast at Wegman's in Malvern. I had a brown rice California roll. Yes, sushi for breakfast! Got to live a little. :) After that, I did "WO - Spike", the geocache that was placed for the event, before heading north and east towards the second event of the day.

The second event was "LEAP - LUNCH - CACHE #TWO", a lunch at Applebee's in North Wales. This Applebee's has all-you-can-eat soup & salad lunch specials, so I had a house salad and potato bacon soup plus two refills of that. After that, I geocached around North Wales, Lower Gwynedd, and Maple Glen until it was time to head over to the third event of the day.

I made a possible mistake of going through Philadelphia to get from Abington to Deptford, so I arrived at "The Quest for 366 - 2012!" a bit late. It was a dinner event at Old Country Buffet in Deptford. I had many kinds of food in strange combinations. After this event, I did one more geocache on the way home. Aside from the rain, it was a good day. The multi-event format is a lot of fun. Like myself, many other geocachers event-hopped and I saw some of them at all three events.

Tags: chester county, geocaching, geocaching event, gloucester county, leap day, montgomery county

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