Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Local geocaching and Munzee

Cloudy, then sunny. 55°F. I ran out of heating oil yesterday morning so I ordered a full tank for delivery today. Which still meant a night without central heating. It wasn't that bad though. The indoor temperature never went below 50°F, so all I needed was a small electric heater. As they promised, delivery was this morning. 255 gallons at $3.91/gallon = $997.05. Good thing it lasts the whole winter season! (Last heating oil delivery was in March 2011.)

It rained overnight and in the morning. I waited a while for things to dry out outside because I knew at least a few of the cache sites would be in swampy areas. The weather turned out to be pretty good in the afternoon after the clouds went away. Rather appropriately, the first cache I visited was a pot of gold at the "End of the Rainbow Challenge". After that, I found a bunch more geocaches up in Hockessin, and then briefly in Elkton, Maryland, and then a few more back in Newark, Delaware.

Another game that's just starting up in this area is Munzee. It's a smartphone game in which you go to specific locations to find and scan QR codes into the Munzee app for points. The similarity to geocaching is obvious. The first Munzee I encountered was in a geocache in Lancaster last year but I didn't log any more until the two I found today. Red Dog Tag Game Piece - 1 was inside the "273 Bug Hostel" geocache. Then later, I stopped at (well, outside) the Delaware Welcome Center to capture A22 because it's on the way to dinner. One big weakness I noticed with Munzee is in order to capture a Munzee, the app must be able to connect to the Munzee server. If you have bad cell phone reception or if the Munzee server is down, you're out of luck. That was actually a problem this evening when I noticed that the Munzee server was slow to respond. Luckily, I was still able to capture "A22" after a few tries. However, it would be nice if Munzee implemented offline logging.

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