Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Conditioned Response

Sunny, 45°F. I wanted to go to Hardee's for dinner so I planned the whole day to end up at the Middletown Hardee's! That meant a geocaching trip downstate. Even though I spent the whole day in-state (except for a brief cross over to Maryland for "Conditioned Response at C&D canal"), I saw and did a lot. First, I finished the color series (Green, Red, Blue, and final. I found the Silver cache yesterday.), which included a 1.6-mile walk on the bike path in Newark. Then I went to the C&D Canal Wildlife Refuge for four geocaches. (I'm still wondering about the helium tank I came across there.)

After leaving the canal, I did a bunch of suburban geocaches in Smyrna, Dover, Wyoming, and Leipsic. "can you smell it?" was next to a horse stable, so it's obvious what odor the cache description was referring to. Oddly, I didn't smell anything. I may have gotten used to it after many visits to Lancaster. :)

"Jaxon's First" was the last cache of the day and it was an easy one to find in the dark. After that, I went to Hardee's in Middletown and had a Southwest Patty Melt.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, hardee's, kent county, new castle county
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