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Went to CT today since that's where the geocaching's at. Actually, I picked one up in Westchester before crossing over to CT for seven more.

Old King Cole (New York)
...was a merry old soul. Westmoreland Sanctuary, Mt Kisco NY. I just bushwhacked in. Fell into the stream while crossing it but that wasn't so bad. Only got one pant leg and my shoes wet.

Rock Stash (Connecticut)
Babcock Preserve in Greenwich. I'd actually been here before for another cache. This one's along the same trail, which is the main trail in. There is way too much graffiti defacing the trail markers and signs. Sad.

Crow's Nest (Connecticut)
Aspetuck Land Trust - Crow's Hill in Weston/Easton. I suspect I took a shortcut in because it wasn't a long walk at all and the name of the preserve was not Crow's Hill when I entered. I think the sign just said Freeborn Trail. Anyway, I went in for a bit and bushwhacked to the cache site as the woods was pretty open.

Housatonic Rail Road (HRR) (Connecticut)
Multi-stage cache. Old Mine Park and Parlor Rock in Trumbull. I'd already gotten one of the stages from a previous trip to CT. This time I finished the other two stages. A bit of a long walk but neither of the stages were difficult to find. The story is there was an amusement park at Parlor Rock in the 19th Century. Hardly any evidence of that can be seen now.

L'Ambiance Plaza Memorial (Connecticut)
Bridgeport City Hall grounds. Memorial for workers who died in a construction site disaster in 1987. Found an odd object there.

Go Fly a Kite (Connecticut)
Walnut Beach in Milford. Technically, this is a multi-stage even if it is listed as regular. The first part involved computing the coordinates for the actual cache based on some flags at the first location. Very easy find and brilliant cache placement. Looks like someone's an engineer.

Quick Silver (Connecticut)
Silver Sands State Park in Milford. Easy find on the beach.

Handi-Cache (wheelchair accessible) (Connecticut)
Small park area in Milford. Yes, this is wheelchair accessible. Flat even path for the very short distance to the cache.

Stratford Trolley Line
Peck's Mill Pond in Stratford. Couldn't find this one but met CT Crankees there.

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