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Main Line and Philadelphia - 17,000 geocaches!

Sunny, 55-60°F. Yesterday, I geocached in Delaware County. So today, I continued further into Delaware County, along the Main Line towards Philadelphia. There were a bunch of new geocaches in this area and I wanted to see if I could get the 23 finds I needed to hit the 17,000-cache milestone. I started with 3 geocaches at Skunk Hollow Park in Radnor. Then I proceeded through Haverford, Ardmore, Lower Merion, Narberth, and Bala Cynwyd. I actually wasn't making very good time until I got to Bala Cynwyd. Then I got a whole bunch of geocaches very quickly. The sun set when I was at "Street Luge 2001" and I was still a few geocaches away from 17,000. So the milestone cache ended up having to be a quick urban cache that I could find at night. "BINAC The Destroyer" on Ridge Avenue in Philly was the one. It's actually an interesting historical site. 3747 Ridge Avenue is where BINAC, an early electronic computer, passed verification tests.

I revisited St. David's Community Park today. The last time I was there, I saw a wooden structure covered in vines along part of the path around the park. It was December and the vines had already wintered. At that time, I wrote that I wanted to return in the Spring to see what it looks like when the vines are all green. Well, today I saw that they had gotten rid of the wooden structure and all the vines. How disappointing! The previous geocache was hidden on that wooden structure, so it's gone too, but as a consolation, I got to find "St. David's Community Park - Redux", the replacement cache.

Dinner was at Banana Leaf in Philadelphia Chinatown since the last geocache brought me into Philadelphia, just a few miles from Chinatown, and street parking is not impossible to find late at night on Sunday. I had nasi lemak and roti canai.

Skunk Hollow # 6 (Pennsylvania)
Skunk Hollow # 4 (Pennsylvania)
Skunk Hollow # 5 (Pennsylvania)
Into the woods (Pennsylvania)
Lone Ranger # 8 Not on the trail (Pennsylvania)
St. David's Community Park - Redux (Pennsylvania)
Emlen Tunnell Park (Pennsylvania)
Lone Ranger #7 Is it fair or foul? (Pennsylvania)
European Vacation (Pennsylvania)
Conditions of My Parole (Pennsylvania)
mushrooms (Pennsylvania)
Zelda and the Lampshade (Pennsylvania)
1/4 (Pennsylvania)
Belmont Gulch II (Pennsylvania)
Emma's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cynwyd Heritage Trailhead (Pennsylvania)
July 4th Relays (Pennsylvania)
In My Tree II (Pennsylvania)
The Cardinal (Pennsylvania)
Paddling In Pretzel City (Pennsylvania)
Street Luge 2001 (Pennsylvania)
No, No, No (Pennsylvania)
BINAC The Destroyer (Pennsylvania)
Martin Luther King JR was here (Pennsylvania)

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