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Timing Belt, etc

I had major servicing done on the car today. At 176,258 miles, it was overdue for a timing belt change. Also, the water pump and seals needed to be replaced. And finally, a recall repair had to be done on the power module. So that took pretty much the whole day. There was some confusion on whether I would get a rental car as part of the deal. In the end, I didn't get a rental car and I used their shuttle service instead. I had the shuttle driver take me home for the day instead of to the office. I figured since home is a lot closer, it would be easier to direct the shuttle driver. Also, I had access to the work servers from home and can still get some work done. So did a bunch of things at home and had lunch from my kitchen.

In the afternoon, my car was ready and the shuttle service took me back there to pick up the car. The final cost was significantly below the estimate. I think they always overestimate to be on the safe side but I also had a coupon from their monthly mailer. Since I had my car back, I went out to get some geocaches.

The first two, "Aztecs" and "Knights Templar", are puzzle caches, although the solutions are purely mechanical once you know what to do. So my first stop was Carousel Farm Park in Wilmington to do those. At "Knights Templar", I poked at something odd in the leaves before realizing that it's a live snake! I must have nudged it a bunch of times with my walking stick before I noticed it but it didn't move much and just lay there all coiled up. It was probably lethargic from the cold. See, this is where warm-blooded folks have the upper hand. We just wait until it gets cold enough and then we can poke the snakes.

"You say TOMATO" is a cute tomato-shaped cache. For this one, I approached from the wrong side of the creek so I waded across. The water wasn't terribly cold. "I Say Tomahto" turned out to be the hardest one of the day for no good reason. I met up with Evanspack there and she decided to call Rflester to make sure we were looking in the right place. It turned out that the coordinates were 70 feet off.

Tags: auto service, geocaching, puzzle cache

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