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A bit of New Jersey and a bit of Pennsylvania

Woke up late today but needed the rest after yesterday. With these late sunsets, I've been out geocaching up to 12 hours at a stretch. Maybe winter was better as I stopped at 4:30 in the afternoon. Anyway, today's adventure began in New Jersey and I crossed over to Pennsylvania to pick up more geocaches.

Spring Fever (New Jersey)
Tamaques Park in Westfield. According to the description, if I'm crashing through sticker bushes or wading through water, I'm not taking the easiest path. Well, I did have to cross a stream so obviously that wasn't the best way. Wasn't too bad though as the water was low and there were lots of stepping stones.

Rock The Cachebah (New Jersey)
The shareef don't like it... :) Springfield Veterans Memorial Park. I'd been there before for the previous incarnation of this cache. Once again the park was deserted but that's good because no one was there to see me retrieve the cache. Was very lucky on this one because the small cache was under the first rock I flipped.

Cedar Grove, RIP (New Jersey)
Cedar Grove Cemetery in Gibbsboro. Very easy cache. Just drove up and found it.

Playwicki 2 - The Park (Pennsylvania)
Playwicki Park in Langhorne. Nice walk on the railway bridge that was turned into a walking path.

Playwicki 1 - The Farm (Pennsylvania)
Playwicki Farm in Langhorne. Nice walk on a paved path although it was such a winding path that I was compelled to take a shortcut on the way back to parking.

The Great Outdoors (Pennsylvania)
5 Mile Woods in Oxford Valley/Morrisville. Nice wooded area with boardwalk trails.

Quaker Penn Park (Pennsylvania)
Quaker Penn Park in Falls Township. Passed by the Otter Recycling Center on the way in. Cute but hmm... recycling otters? Lots of landfills in the area. Those hills that look out of place are garbage hills.

Could not find BAMBOO FOREST (New Jersey) in Beverly but met Suncrush there. Same thing happened yesterday in CT where I met a geocacher at a cache I couldn't find. Maybe I should go and not find more caches in order to meet more geocachers. :)

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