Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

St. Patrick's Day - Downingtown, Upper Uwchlan, Exton, East Goshen

Sunny, 70°F. I started the day with some yardwork in the front yard. The grass wasn't that long yet but some of the weeds were, so I decided it would be easier to just mow it all down. There'll be time for detail weeding when I get to it. After a brief stop at the yard waste center to drop off some fallen branches and bush trimmings, I went geocaching in Chester County, starting somewhere between West Chester and Downingtown. Most of those were pretty quick but I threw in some longer hikes and multi-caches to build up an appetite for dinner.

The main purpose of this trip was to find the physical containers for some puzzle caches that I solved earlier this week. The way I solve these puzzles is funny. I try those once when they are published. Then I try those again a year later with significantly better results. Why does it take a year? I don't know. Maybe I just got better at searching the web for answers. "EBC Park" is the most interesting one of the three. It's a Kenken puzzle. The biggest hurdle was finding out what kind of puzzle it is. Once I knew, it was a snap to find websites with instructions and solving tips. "1955 Eagles" is a set of questions about football stats. I don't think I know any more about the Eagles in 1955 than I did before doing this puzzle but I now know that this sport has far too many stats! :) "WO-9.2 - Eagleview Oasis - Robin's Egg Blue" was a simpler puzzle. I just Googled for the answers.

Overall, it was a fine day to be outside. I skipped out on some St. Patrick's Day geocaching events but I don't regret doing so. Sometimes, I just want to be alone with the scenery and wildflowers.

Tags: chester county, geocaching

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