Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey and the drive-off incident

Sunny, 60-70°F. I had no concrete plans for today so I decided to just continue geocaching where I stopped last Sunday in Moorestown. I started with some hiking geocaches (by the Swedes Run swamp, no less) but switched to easier ones in the interest of time. From Moorestown, I proceeded to Delran, Edgewater Park, Willingboro, and Burlington. Then I returned to Ruby Tuesday in Willingboro for salad and tilapia with onion rings. I never noticed this Ruby Tuesday location before and only saw them because the cache "Willingboro Plaza" is within the same block of buildings. They probably aren't even aware what brought this customer in. :)

After dinner, I did five more geocaches by flashlight. Then I decided to get some of that cheap NJ gas before going home. As I pulled into a BP gas station on US-130, I noticed another car also pulling in behind me. I picked one pump bay and I saw that he picked another bay just so that he wouldn't be behind me. Not terribly unusual, I thought at first. In New Jersey, you're not allowed to pump your own gas. However, if you ask for a full tank and specify that you'll be paying in cash, the pump attendant will pump the gas first before getting payment. It's a courtesy to not require prepay in this situation so that you won't have to guess how many dollars of fuel you need to fill the tank. A few minutes after the pump attendant started the gas pumps, I saw the other car zoom out of the fuel bay, leaving the gas nozzle swinging! The pump attendant yelled out. He was flustered. At that point, I realized that I'd just witnessed a drive-off incident.

So yes, there is actual overt theft in South Jersey, or Pennsauken, to be specific. I wonder if this kind of thing will happen more as gas prices rise. Also, this does explain why gas stations in Carneys Point now insist on cash prepay, even with pump attendant service.

I work out! #3 (New Jersey)
Swede Run Fields Micro (New Jersey)
Field of Flowers (New Jersey)
Swede Run Fields The Other Side (New Jersey)
Coffee #5 (New Jersey)
Your mom's birthday cache (New Jersey)
Community Garden (New Jersey)
GS Silver Award (New Jersey)
Your Tax Dollars at Work (New Jersey)
DEAD MANS skull the new one (New Jersey)
A cache for aufbau (New Jersey)
Dunk's Ferry (New Jersey)
Beverly Landing (New Jersey)
Pine Grove (New Jersey)
The Bodhisattva (New Jersey)
This one's for you Jrunner827! (New Jersey)
a cache for G-Pirate (New Jersey)
Is This The One, G-Pirate? (New Jersey)
Super 130 Drive-In (New Jersey)
Willingboro Plaza (New Jersey)
Coffee #6 (New Jersey)
Just a "Way Too Far" Park (New Jersey)
Army Ducks - The 6 Pounder (New Jersey)
Laughing Ducks (New Jersey)
130 N P&G (New Jersey)
Army Ducks - Torpedos, Tanks, And Mines...OH MY! (New Jersey)
Don't Fence Me In (New Jersey)
Black and Yellow - HELLO!!! (New Jersey)

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