Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mount Laurel to Berlin

Sunny, 75-80°F. I didn't have any concrete plans for the day other than that I wanted to start geocaching in Mount Laurel to finish the "I work out!" series and end the day in Berlin so I could go to Long John Silver's for dinner. The remarkable thing about today's software is I don't need to plan any more. The Neongeo app stores all the cache info and downloads more as I go along. I just kept checking it to see what's nearby and in the right direction, and I ended the day with 40 cache finds!

I didn't exactly go in a straight line from start to end. From Mount Laurel, I went through Medford and Marlton, with a side trip to Lumberton. I hadn't been to the area in quite a while so I did clusters of geocaches where available to cut down on the driving. Two parks had 4 or more geocaches I hadn't found. I covered a variety of terrain from sidewalks to woods (with creek crossings) and open fields. There was a frog geocache ("Creek Side Croaker") today too. It's in a fishing area and the nearby fisherman thought I was looking for snakes. I told him I was looking for frogs and that somehow seemed like a credible story too. I also got to see an E-2 Hawkeye at the Air Victory Museum because the "Air Victory" geocache was nearby.

Dinner was at the Long John Silver's / Taco Bell co-branded restaurant in Berlin. I had a two-fish combo and a caramel apple empanada. (Yes, I ordered from both sides of the menu this time.) And finally, I did the last six geocaches of the night on the way from LJS to the I-295 ramp in Barrington.

A Bangin' Brunch Buffet Nano (New Jersey)
I work out! #1 (New Jersey)
As I Recall, This Used To Be An Apple Orchard (New Jersey)
The World's Greatest (Cache) (New Jersey)
I work out! #2 (New Jersey)
5 minutes for caching! (New Jersey)
Izzy Here 2? (New Jersey)
Trotters Crossing (New Jersey)
Trotters Crossing 2 (New Jersey)
Air Victory (New Jersey)
L&L - Dr. James Still (New Jersey)
Herbal House! (New Jersey)
This Little Pinky Went to the Market (New Jersey)
Flags of Our Fathers (New Jersey)
A Little 2 Big (New Jersey)
A tribute to Stretch Armstrong (New Jersey)
Creek Side Croaker (New Jersey)
A little something in the park (New Jersey)
While waiting on G-Gurl (New Jersey)
Out in the middle (New Jersey)
I work out! #4 (New Jersey)
Green Acres #5 - ... countryside (New Jersey)
Green Acres #2 - Faaarm living is the life for me! (New Jersey)
Croft Farm Cache (New Jersey)
Green Acres #4 - Keep Manhattan just gimme that... (New Jersey)
Green Acres #1 - Greeeeen acres is the place to be (New Jersey)
Green Acres #3 - Land spreadin' out so far & wide (New Jersey)
GPirate 366 (New Jersey)
I Work Out #5 (New Jersey)
GC 301 - RE: I wanna be a cacher (New Jersey)
shoppers delite (New Jersey)
Shoppers Delite 3 (New Jersey)
Kat who ate the Kanary (New Jersey)
eating at m (New Jersey)
No Ticks! (New Jersey)
BAD KITTY (New Jersey)
Kat Savvy (New Jersey)
Koffee Kat Kache (New Jersey)
Bargain Hunting (New Jersey)
Deep to left field... (New Jersey)

Tags: burlington county, geocaching, long john silver's, south jersey, taco bell

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