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Lancaster XXXXVII - Flash Mob Event and Nine is Fine

There was rain in the forecast for Saturday but it turned out to be a sunny day and the thunderstorm didn't hit until the evening when I was about to go for dinner anyway. I headed out to Martic Township in Southern Lancaster for the "Flash Mob Event on the Trail". This was a great little geocaching event because after the meetup, we went out as a group to tackle two of the hardest nearby caches. Of the two, "Flying Instruments" was notable because it was about 15 feet above ground on the pylon of an old railroad bridge. The way to get there was to climb up on the road side of the bridge and crawl out on a beam across the chasm to the next pylon. Ordinarily, I'd have been too nervous to attempt that but with moral support from the group, it was no problem. Four of us went out to the cache, found it, turned around and went back, and no one fell off. After that, I hiked around the rustic areas of Southern Lancaster to get more high-terrain caches before the rain came.

Sunday varied between rain and heavy rain pretty much all day long. I went to "Nine is Fine", a geocaching breakfast event at Shore Diner in Egg Harbor Township. That was a pretty good event for meeting up with some of the New Jersey geocachers I don't see as often any more. After that, I found some geocaches around Egg Harbor Township before heading off to Ocean City to do a series of caches. I hadn't been to O.C. since 2005 because the last time I was there, I had an encounter with the police on the boardwalk and I thought they were rude. I admit I went there on Sunday looking for a reason to extend my boycott another 10 years. Nothing bad happened this time though. Then again, everyone was probably huddled up indoors in that town because of the weather. Many of the new geocaches in O.C. are of the roadside variety. To avoid getting my electronics wet in the rain, I left my phone and GPS in the car. In most cases, I was able to find the cache by zooming in all the way on the aerial photo to see which corner or tree it was near. Sometimes I was lucky and guessed well. After 38 geocaches, I left O.C. because I got tired of the rain and the area was actually starting to flood! However, given travel conditions, it was just the right time to leave to be in time for dinner anyway.


Flash Mob Event on the Trail (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (3.0/3.5) RailRoad (Pennsylvania)
Flying Instruments (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (1.0/3.0) Yellow or Red? (Pennsylvania)
Seeing Red (Pennsylvania)
Steinman Run Nature Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Trout Run Nature Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Ray's Woods Nature Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Safe Harbor - Take a seat (Pennsylvania)
Reaching Rock Bottom II (Pennsylvania)
Safe Harbor Tree Sign (Pennsylvania)
Troop 17 camp site 1975 (Pennsylvania)
View of the IVY Trees (Pennsylvania)
Mystery Music CD Cache (Pennsylvania)
Safe Harbor hike......Log (Pennsylvania)
Safe Harbor Hike.....Stump (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (1.0/4.0) "Luke's Specialty" (Pennsylvania)
Conestoga River Micro (Pennsylvania)
Conestoga River Rapids (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - 1809 (Pennsylvania)
BRS - Chicken House Bridge? (Pennsylvania)
BRS - I can see them from here! (Pennsylvania)
Small Old Cemetary (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - Musser 1767 (Pennsylvania)
American Pastime (Pennsylvania)
Smitten (Pennsylvania)
Prospect C&D (Pennsylvania)
Poolitzer Prize (Pennsylvania)


The trucker needed a nap (New Jersey)
Expressly Interpreted... (New Jersey)
Nine is Fine (New Jersey)
Geo and a Movie #3 (New Jersey)
Outback at the Outback (New Jersey)
You Can Almost Smell the Bedpans (New Jersey)
Biggs Basement B & B for Travel Bugs and Coins (New Jersey)
Not just another Dead End (New Jersey)
Fast Food Frenzy Series:the return of 1800mycache (New Jersey)
Wanna Buy a Bakery? (New Jersey)
OC Urban Cache (New Jersey)
Stop Ahead (New Jersey)
Street's End (New Jersey)
The boat is afloat (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 17 (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 18 (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 19 (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 20 (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 22 (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 23 (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 24 (New Jersey)
Home away from home (New Jersey)
The Entrance to Heaven (New Jersey)
Goodbye Wesley (New Jersey)
Chris's Favorite (AKA: High and Low) (New Jersey)
Green Grass (New Jersey)
Have you ever seen a bee with a sunburned knee (New Jersey)
Hey, It's Franklin! (New Jersey)
Okeedoke (New Jersey)
The Trail Begins (New Jersey)
Corsons Inlet (New Jersey)
Horseshoe Crab (New Jersey)
Wiggle your toes in the sand for me! (New Jersey)
I got all the tools you need (New Jersey)
The Treasure has finally been found (New Jersey)
For the Birds (New Jersey)
Chase Down Central 16 (New Jersey)
A Shot At Freedom (New Jersey)
Ocean City TB Motel (Chirp) (New Jersey)

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