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LVGC Breakfast and Lawrenceville Jubilee

Friday was such a problematic day. If the flat tire wasn't enough, I also seemed to be getting sick. So I wasn't even sure if I would be able to do anything over the weekend. However, I took care of the tire problem and got a new one as it was still under warranty. By Saturday morning, I had recovered completely from whatever illness it was I had. So I went to Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem for the "LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2012, 2nd Qtr" geocaching event. (I had the creamed chipped beef special.) These LVGC events are pretty good because there's usually a planned hike afterwards. This time, we went to Merrill Creek Reservoir over in Western New Jersey. Our hike covered a few miles and a half dozen or so geocaches on the Visitor's Center side of the reservoir. After that, I went off on my own to do four more geocaches on the far side of the reservoir. I followed those with more geocaches around Western NJ and especially Phillipsburg. I figured I might as well do those since I rarely get out that way nowadays.

On Sunday, I went to Lawrenceville to do a mascot gig with the Hi-4 group at the Lawrenceville Main Street Jubilee. Also in this gig were rapidtrabbit and Damian K. Sunday was a warmer day than Saturday, but I broke the 4-hour gig into 20 to 30-minute sets and I was fine. I wore the husky fursuit for this one and just interacted with the crowd most of the time. After the gig, we went our separate ways. I did a bunch of geocaches in Lawrenceville, Pennington, and Ewing before heading off to dinner.


LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2012, 2nd Qtr (Pennsylvania)
MC Visitors (New Jersey)
MC Waters Edge #3 (New Jersey)
MC Blind Observation (New Jersey)
MC Quarry View (New Jersey)
MC Black Bridge (New Jersey)
Fibber's Cache (New Jersey)
NJCC: Puncak Jaya (New Jersey)
Help Wanted: Endless Job With No Pay (New Jersey)
Mallard (New Jersey)
To or From MC (New Jersey)
Rusty Ladder (New Jersey)
Don't Fence Me In (New Jersey)
Cool Abandoned Structure (New Jersey)
CNJC Cache to Eagle Series - Kind (New Jersey)
Scooby: 10,000 Volt Ghost (IMSpider) (New Jersey)
I-78 Rest Stop Westbound (New Jersey)
WALLY SO NEW!! (New Jersey)
Close To My Heart (New Jersey)
Birthday Party Celebration #3 (New Jersey)
Who's on first? (New Jersey)
Lock Street Park (New Jersey)
Travel Bug Express (New Jersey)
G.I. Ant - Easton (Pennsylvania)
Side of Beef #2 (Pennsylvania)


At the end of my rope! (New Jersey)
CNJC Cache to Eagle Series: Obedient (New Jersey)
Trick or Treat or Cache? (#2) (New Jersey)
Where's my homework?? (New Jersey)
Where is Alice? (New Jersey)
Get Naked (New Jersey)
Rjr gets moody at 3 or 6 (New Jersey)

Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, hi-4, lawrenceville jubilee, lehigh valley, mascot gig, mercer county, warren county

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