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Northeast Philadelphia

Cloudy, 60-70°F. There was a geocaching event on Saturday morning in Northeast Philadelphia but I didn't attend it because I didn't like that chicken restaurant chain. Of course, I could've attended the event anyway and not bought anything but I didn't think that would be right either. There's no reason why I couldn't find the caches that were placed for the event though, so off to Northeast Philly I went! It was a pretty full day. I did a mix of caches from the event and caches that were there already. (I hadn't been to the area in a while.) Given the activity in the area, I was surprised that I only ran into other geocachers once. I saw lots of other log entries at the caches I visited so I must have just missed the other groups.

"The Food Here Gives Me Gas!" illustrates the problem with ticking off restaurant folks. I noticed that someone from the nearby pizza place had written the "F" word in black marker on the cache container. "Howe Easy 2" was the funniest cache of the day. When I got to the cache site, I saw something hanging from a fishing line, so I pulled it out. It was cash but not THE cache! There was another decoy in the same spot and then the actual cache was less than two feet away.

On Sunday, after a breakfast at Old Country Buffet, I headed back to Northeast Philly in the afternoon to continue what I started on Saturday. This time, I headed further out to Fox Chase, Bensalem, and Croydon. Although none of the caches were especially noteworthy on this trip, it was a fun time.


CGFPP: Frankford Transportation Center (Pennsylvania)
Boco de Incendio (Pennsylvania)
Compartimento verde (Pennsylvania)
Agujero en la pared (Pennsylvania)
Filtro de cable (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 13 good spot to see (Pennsylvania)
Holme cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Wooden Bridge Run, New View (Pennsylvania)
Blue Grass Stains (Pennsylvania)
La Cantina (Pennsylvania)
The Food Here Gives Me Gas! (Pennsylvania)
CdMF: Un Escondite Gigante (Pennsylvania)
CdMF: Are You Fit To Be a Cacher? (Pennsylvania)
CdMF: Esta Su Carro Cansado? (Pennsylvania)
CdMF: El Primero (Pennsylvania)
Woodhaven Pride (Pennsylvania)
For Those Who Think Young (Pennsylvania)
TAXLAND 1 (Pennsylvania)
TAXLAND 2 (Pennsylvania)
Stop Me Before I Cache Again (Pennsylvania)
A League of Their Own II (Pennsylvania)
Disused Road (Pennsylvania)
Howe Easy 3 (Pennsylvania)
An Ode To Joy (Pennsylvania)
Howe Easy 2 (Pennsylvania)
Greater Regional Cachesite (Pennsylvania)
Memorial (Pennsylvania)
Ashton to Ashton, Dust to Dust (Pennsylvania)
Nice Garden Walk (Pennsylvania)
CdMF: Camo Fence (Pennsylvania)
Trache Land (Pennsylvania)
Dos Pajaros (Pennsylvania)
Ten Great Deals (Pennsylvania)
W-W-Why Not? (Pennsylvania)
Valla post (Pennsylvania)


8 Ball (TAOGC) (Pennsylvania)
Welcome To Burholme (Pennsylvania)
(* 0215-0575-854-004 #) (Pennsylvania)
HA HA #495 (Pennsylvania)
Bet Your Bottom ... (Pennsylvania)
Sign of the Times (Pennsylvania)
The Woman in Red (Pennsylvania)
Howe Easy 4 (Pennsylvania)
10 Streak (Pennsylvania)
Locally Placed Cachesite (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Quartus (Pennsylvania)
This Cache Is No Turkey! (Pennsylvania)
Ice Climbing (Pennsylvania)
Well Now There Is 6 Since You Are There (Pennsylvania)
A Place For A Gumshoe (Pennsylvania)
Simplicity (Pennsylvania)
Another Death-Defying Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Tertius (Pennsylvania)
Hit the Pike! (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #19 - High Stakes (Pennsylvania)
A Very Stable Cache (Pennsylvania)
Another Guardrail Cache (Pennsylvania)
Court Cancer Here (Pennsylvania)
Easter Egg Hunt, 2012 (Pennsylvania)
May the light shine on you (Pennsylvania)
We Didn't Start The Cache:) (Pennsylvania)

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