Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delco, Western Philly, Central Delaware

It was a generally warm and sunny weekend with temperatures peaking at just over 80°F. On Saturday, I went geocaching in Delaware County and Western Philadelphia because I haven't gone that way in a while. Southern DelCo was actually somewhat of a mess with a number of closed roads blocking access to I-95 and a lot of backed up traffic. I did whatever geocaches I could and routed around or away from traffic delays. I skipped past a few geocaches because I didn't see any way I could get over to those in a reasonable amount of time. I passed through Western Philadelphia and did only a few geocaches there. Then I went to Bala Cynwyd to tackle the Cynwyd Heritage Trail (CHT) series of caches. That was the longest walk of the day. I went all the way around to the other end of the trail and followed the sidewalk back to where I parked. After that, I did a few easy ones across the Schuylkill River in Roxborough before calling it a day.

Since I started late on Sunday, I decided to take it easy and just head down to Central Delaware after picking up two easy FTF nearby in Newark. I had a relatively easy time that day. Aside from not planning my routes properly and driving the long way around to some of the cache sites, I didn't have any significant trouble with any of the caches. I was on a bit of a hot streak and was lucky with even the difficult caches that I attempted. "Evil Lake Cache" was the hardest of them all because it was buried in sand, but I dug all the way around the beach shack and got it. (I had some inside info on this cache that was incorrect but at least gave me the right idea.) On the lighter side, I thought some of the caches were rather creative and neat. I saw a frog cache, a dragonfly, a snail, and a spider.


Your Choice! (Pennsylvania)
Stream to Screen (Pennsylvania)
View of the Lake (Pennsylvania)
Lets Play (Pennsylvania)
Monument Hill -- not just for sledding anymore. (Pennsylvania)
Humpty Dumpty's Wall is Falling Down (Pennsylvania)
Sycamore (Pennsylvania)
Cedar Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
West Philly Best Philly: Triangle #1 (Pennsylvania)
biopond (Pennsylvania)
CHT #2 (Pennsylvania)
CHT #1 (Pennsylvania)
CHT #4 (Pennsylvania)
CHT #5 (Pennsylvania)
CHT #6 (Pennsylvania)
On The Way To Emma's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Ruby [1#] (Pennsylvania)
A Fresh Find (Pennsylvania)
"HaHa" behind the......Goose (Pennsylvania)
Engineering Marvel (Pennsylvania)


Bison in the Woods (Delaware)
Free Ticks Here! (Delaware)
You can't get there from here (Delaware)
10% (Delaware)
It's Not What You Think (Delaware)
Reminds me of a Raffi Song (Delaware)
Nice Spot to watch a parade (Delaware)
his masters voice (Delaware)
2 R.D.S. Dover (Delaware)
you cant get there from here (Delaware)
Barratt's Chapel Cemetery Stroll (Delaware)
On the 13th Day (Delaware)
Payback (Delaware)
THE 3rd RAILROAD (Delaware)
Evil Lake Cache (Delaware)

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