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Prussian Kings again and CFF Point Pleasant

Saturday and Sunday were warm, sunny days, although it looked like rain late Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, I decided it was time to do some of the new geocaches that have been accumulating to the north. So I started geocaching near West Chester and worked my way towards Malvern, Tredyffrin, and King of Prussia. There were half a dozen caches near the King of Prussia Mall and the most interesting novelty I came across was a big vacuum cleaner. Then I returned to Exton/Uwchlan and found a few more geocaches going from there through Downingtown and back to West Chester. So it was a big triangle. Had to stop just a bit earlier to go to Home Depot near home to pick up an online order I made that very morning, but I was still in plenty of time for dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Bear.

Sunday was the day of the Hi-4 mascot gig at the CFF Great Strides event in Point Pleasant Beach. I joined mejeep and lowen_kind at the event site. freakylynx and Damian K arrived a bit later because they'd been doing another gig in Northern New Jersey that morning. I was a bit late myself so I missed the first part of the event when the walkers were leaving the event site but I got into fursuit and was ready when they returned from the walk. For a small event area, it was quite a busy event. However, it ended a bit earlier than the scheduled closing time because of the hot weather. After that, our group had a late lunch at a nearby Jersey Mike's. Then I went off on my own to do some geocaching around the area. For the short time I had, I actually did quite a number of geocaches because most of them were on the Edgar Felix Bike Path from Allenwood to Allaire State Park. It's nice to be able to park in one place and do a series of geocaches all in a row.


A pine highd #4 (Pennsylvania)
Stallone's Madness (Pennsylvania)
Wolfpack's Pennsylvania Cache (Pennsylvania)
West Whiteland Travel Bug Motel (Pennsylvania)
Geo-Days TB Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Home Away From Home (Pennsylvania)
Cedar Hollow Ruins (Pennsylvania)
Fire in the Forest (Pennsylvania)
Kayley's Kache (Pennsylvania)
"Walled off" parking bonus (Pennsylvania)
The "Walled-off" TB and Coin Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Another Corporate Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Hulk... (Pennsylvania)
Pipe dreams - KOP (Pennsylvania)
Over the Hill (Pennsylvania)
A Sign of the Times??? (Pennsylvania)
Just a little squirrelly...? (Pennsylvania)
Numbers, Nanos and Nuts (Pennsylvania)
Have A Seat (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #35 - My Milk Stake (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #29 - Staking Care of Business (Pennsylvania)
Egg in a Hole (Pennsylvania)
They have GAS? (Pennsylvania)


Oh Natural (New Jersey)
Jersey Shore Council BSA (P) (New Jersey)
NJ Coastline - Point Pleasant (New Jersey)
Pt Pleasant Beach, Fisherman's Memorial (New Jersey)
Cock-a-doodle-doo (New Jersey)
Green Acres Is The Place To Be (New Jersey)
Shrubbery I (New Jersey)
Post Office Cap (New Jersey)
EFBP #6 (New Jersey)
EFBP #7 (New Jersey)
EFBP #1 (New Jersey)
EFBP #2 (New Jersey)
EFBP #3 (New Jersey)
EFBP #4 (New Jersey)
Driving Range (New Jersey)
EFBT -1 (New Jersey)
EFBT -2 (New Jersey)
EFBT-3 (New Jersey)
EFBT-4 (New Jersey)
Pine Tunnel (New Jersey)
Five Oh (New Jersey)
Izzy Safe? (New Jersey)
Coffee #12 (New Jersey)
New Jersey Borders Memorial #6: Mt. Laurel (New Jersey)

Tags: cff great strides, chester county, geocaching, hi-4, home depot, jersey mike's, mascot gig, monmouth county, montgomery county, ocean county

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