Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Memorial Day weekend: South Jersey (Mt. Holly), Lancaster XXXXVIII, and South Jersey (Berlin)

I had Monday off from work so it was a three-day weekend. The weather was hot and humid. High temperatures each day were over 80°F, with Monday's temperature hitting 95°F at one point. I saw an outdoor thermometer reading 100°F but it was probably a bit off. Funny thing is, I actually did more geocaches each day even though each day was hotter than the previous one. On Saturday, I went to Mount Holly. Although I've been there quite a number of times, I hadn't been back to that town much since I moved to Delaware. They have more geocaches now and I got to see some interesting artifacts, such as the oldest firehouse, an M113 personnel carrier, and a bench with no seat. Okay, maybe that last one was the township's neglect. :)

On Sunday, I made a trip to Lancaster because I noticed a series of geocaches along one of the trails in Lancaster Central Park. People were in a chatty mood, it seemed. A few times during the day, passers-by asked about my activity. I was surprised that they already understood the basics of the game but did not know the name of it. Maybe they heard about geocaching from somewhere or someone. One of the geocaches was at The Outhouse in Ronks, a humorous gift shop, fudge store, largest underwear dealer in Pennsylvania, and home of the one-horsepower Mennonite missile. I also took a look at the 2-headed pig but I couldn't say I was terribly surprised there. :)

Monday was the day of the heat wave. After a breakfast buffet, I headed into South Jersey again. This time, I wanted to do a set of geocaches up Route 73 in Berlin but as usual, I got distracted by a bunch of geocaches along the way in Salem and Gloucester Counties. But that was okay. These trips are not usually about executing detailed plans anyway. What's interesting is the weather was so hot that I got offers of free cold drinks at two businesses where I stopped to buy food. I've never had that happen before in New Jersey but I guess they knew everyone was baking outside.


Fire Safety (New Jersey)
BSA Troop 44 Moorestown Cache "Come join the fun!" (New Jersey)
"Lev"t For You to Find (New Jersey)
Little Old White Lady goes Fishing (New Jersey)
Head over Heel (New Jersey)
What are you guys doing over here? (New Jersey)
Izzy Walking? (New Jersey)
Not Your Dad's Cache (New Jersey)
Izzy Lying or Laying? (New Jersey)
Army Ducks - The Green Dragon (New Jersey)
Battle for the Green Dragon (New Jersey)
Quack quack, ducks don't lay 'em this color! (New Jersey)
Mill Dam Multi (New Jersey)
WishartGang#1 (New Jersey)
5 Fingers (New Jersey)
Skippy NJRR Communications (New Jersey)
Give me Shelter (New Jersey)
Whiskey Alpha Whiskey Alpha (New Jersey)
La La Land (New Jersey)
All Aboard at Ashland (New Jersey)
Echelon Airport (New Jersey)


Fair or Foul? (Pennsylvania)
Woody Woodpecker (Pennsylvania)
Five Sisters (Pennsylvania)
Public Restrooms Available Here (Pennsylvania)
Now they don't get wet. (Pennsylvania)
I don't keep the doctor away, But I am red! (Pennsylvania)
I'm not red, But I'm near a house. (Pennsylvania)
Sewer Station Bison (Pennsylvania)
The Crossings: Duncan St. Meets Kennedy St. (Pennsylvania)
Have A Drink In The Park (Pennsylvania)
Wish The Trail Continued (Pennsylvania)
The Fridge Door Can Be The ROOT of all Evil (Pennsylvania)
Above The Red Trail (Pennsylvania)
Kinglet Trail Cache (Pennsylvania)
City Line Drive (Pennsylvania)
CR - Bugging Out ! (Pennsylvania)
Happy Birthday Green Eyed Gal (Pennsylvania)
Frisbee Golf Obstacle (Pennsylvania)
Bamboo Forest (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - Shank Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
CR - Rider of Dragons loves me (Pennsylvania)
CR - Oberyn likes to clown around (Pennsylvania)
CR - Wishing Fairy, flying low (Pennsylvania)
MWG (Pennsylvania)
Chap-Cache (Pennsylvania)


Oliphant's Mill (New Jersey)
No Skirting This One (New Jersey)
Eschew Obfuscation #2 (New Jersey)
Fire Hobbit (New Jersey)
Dora finds yet Another adventure (New Jersey)
Geocacher's Pit Stop (New Jersey)
The Greek God (New Jersey)
For a Laugh (New Jersey)
The Guardians' Cache (New Jersey)
JD's Goalie Trail - Hollydell (New Jersey)
Maffa Farms (New Jersey)
Steagles (New Jersey)
GONE! GONE! (New Jersey)
Wiped Out (New Jersey)
Bar crawl 1 (New Jersey)
Requiem For Brad and Janet (New Jersey)
Meet the Tomlinsons (New Jersey)
Carver Cache (New Jersey)
The DAM Fish Rescue (New Jersey)
FAIR OR FOUL ? (New Jersey)
Practice Time (New Jersey)
Jalapeño on a stick! (New Jersey)
Mechagodzilla 3, A.K.A- Kiryu (New Jersey)
No Ticks III (New Jersey)
No Ticks II (New Jersey)
I Work Out #6 (New Jersey)
Pussy Kat Triple Ecks (New Jersey)
Cat Goes Shopping (It's Light Over Here) (New Jersey)
"Artsy Fartsy" (New Jersey)
Mechagodzilla's #1 cache (New Jersey)
G-ZILLA!!! (New Jersey)

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