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Bring your own Banana and Harford County

After a period of hot weather, it was nice to have a weekend with temperatures peaking at just around 80°F. On Saturday, I went to Bucks County, PA, to attend the "Bring your own Banana (BYOB), V" geocaching event at Tanner Brothers Dairy in Warminster. That was in the evening, so I had some time to geocache on the way there in the afternoon. I started near the Willow Grove PA Turnpike interchange and moved from cache to cache, generally in the direction of the event. Remarkably, there were just enough (26) geocaches along the way to make the event itself a milestone find. (#17700) The dairy is known in that area for ice cream, so I had a peanut butter and mint chocolate chip double scoop. While there, we also took a look at the cows.

On Sunday, there was a bunch of new geocaches in Cecil County, MD, so I went and did those. I was done with those by mid-afternoon and since I was already halfway across Cecil County, I figured why not press onwards into Harford County to do geocaches in Aberdeen and Havre de Grace? The reason I almost never go that way is the toll on the Chesapeake Bay bridges, which is now $6. In retrospect though, even that toll is not such an enormous burden considering that I've been to New Jersey pretty often and the bridge toll that way is $4. Plus, the cost of gas makes any toll pale in significance. However, I definitely would have to plan better on future trips to Aberdeen and beyond. I didn't have any geocache info preloaded, so I set my phone to download it as I went around. Which worked just fine but wasn't as quick.


In plane sight. (Pennsylvania)
Mill Road Park (Pennsylvania)
A Benjamin for FTF (Pennsylvania)
A Death-Defying Cache - Septimus (Pennsylvania)
The Woman in Green (Pennsylvania)
Look Between the Lines (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Warminster Township (Pennsylvania)
John Fitch House (Pennsylvania)
Papillon (Pennsylvania)
Excess Capacity (Pennsylvania)
My Final Hide (Pennsylvania)
TAXMAN 1's Choice (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters V (Pennsylvania)
The Agitator (Pennsylvania)
Wile E. Coyote's Supplier (Pennsylvania)
Birthday Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Birthday Cache (Pennsylvania)
Back Door Entry (Pennsylvania)
Caching Knows No Bounds (Pennsylvania)
'Round the Bend (Pennsylvania)
Roses Are Red, My Love (Pennsylvania)
My Final Hide 3 (Pennsylvania)
No Ivy in This Land (Pennsylvania)
Trash In Cache Out (Pennsylvania)
Cache As Cache Can (Pennsylvania)
Old Blue Eyes Is Back (Pennsylvania)
Bring your own Banana (BYOB), V (Pennsylvania)
Cap Cache Series: Get a TANN (Pennsylvania)
Pipe Dreams (Pennsylvania)
War Monument (Pennsylvania)
PUN:Little Pigs - EPIC WIN (Pennsylvania)


Geowoodstock X Goody Bag Cache Number 1 (Delaware)
DelToids (Delaware)
George Wilson Park (Delaware)
The Royal Rail Sponge Bob Lunch Box (Maryland)
Electric Royalty (Maryland)
Get the Sensation of the Southern States (Maryland)
Canal Inlet Crossing (Maryland)
Tripletree with view. (Maryland)
Geowoodstock X Goody Bag Cache Number 3 (Maryland)
Pine Greens (Maryland)
Geowoodstock X Goody Bag Cache Number 2 (Maryland)
CJS - Port Deposit (Maryland)
[Cecil County, MD] Historic Port Deposit (Maryland)
Watching A Tall Cedar (Maryland)
Webster (Maryland)
notruB (Maryland)
Peaceful Stream (Maryland)
It's Outta Here! (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 14 (Maryland)
Park-N-Grab - Aberdeen (Maryland)
Adjusting the TARGET (Maryland)
Bullseye #5: Aberdeen (Maryland)
"OYR" Wanna Be #12 in Aberdeen, MD (Maryland)
Caching is like Therapy (Maryland)
Low Voltage (Maryland)
Do you like my bottom? (Maryland)
Good Tydings (Maryland)

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