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WWFM IX event and Maryland again

The weekend was two hot, sunny days with high temperatures over 90°F. On Saturday, I went to the Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton for the World-Wide Flash Mob IX geocaching event. There were WWFM IX events taking place in a number of locations around the region but all those events started at the same time (1pm), so I could only attend one. Since the Bridgeton event was the closest one to home, that was the one I picked. The Bridgeton event had a zoo animal theme and attendees were encouraged to wear an animal mask or hat. I actually considered going in fursuit but decided against it because of the heat. However, I did wear a tiger visor that I picked up at a craft store. After the event, I headed up to Berlin to continue the collection of geocaches I started doing in that town two weeks ago. I also took a brief side trip to Atco, Waterford, and the edge of the pine barrens but decided not to venture too deep because of lack of time.

On Sunday, I returned to Harford County, Maryland, to continue what I started the previous Sunday. Just before entering Harford County though, I stopped for a geocache near the Eastern Airlines Flight 605 memorial in Port Deposit. This crash on Memorial Day in 1947 was a tragic incident in aviation history. Then I crossed the Susquehanna River over into Harford County. This time I was prepared and had the geocache info preloaded on GPS and phone. I focused on the area surrounding Abingdon and parts of Bel Air, Edgewood, and Belcamp. Most of the geocaches were fairly common types, although "Get the Lead Out" was a rather creative hide. (It took a while to return the cache to its hiding spot though, so thank goodness no one came over to recycle engine oil while I was doing that!)


32 M TO CAMDEN / 2 TO SALEM (New Jersey)
0h No A Nano - Shiloh, NJ (New Jersey)
0h No A Nano - Roadstown, NJ (New Jersey)
witness post (New Jersey)
Another Resting Place (New Jersey)
WWFM IX - Welcome to the Zoo! (New Jersey)
This place is a ZOO (New Jersey)
Sunny Side Up (New Jersey)
circa 1760 (New Jersey)
The Kids Are Alright (New Jersey)
The Internet Killed The Video Store (New Jersey)
Brooksy's Bridge (New Jersey)
Just hanging out (New Jersey)
Sunrise, Sunset (New Jersey)
Loud in Loudon (New Jersey)
Can you (still) See The Light ? (New Jersey)
Thomas Richard's Treasure (New Jersey)
45K & 462 (New Jersey)
Party in a Bucket (New Jersey)
The Spot That Jack Missed (New Jersey)
The Cover Letter (New Jersey)
Sad But True (New Jersey)
Bloomin-Kat (New Jersey)
Our Lips Are Sealed (New Jersey)
Fire Rodan's nest (New Jersey)
Dr Kat I presume? (New Jersey)
KatRx (New Jersey)
Kolhd Kat (New Jersey)
Hello, Kitty Kat (New Jersey)
New Jersey Borders Memorial #5: Marlton (New Jersey)
Its a skirt (New Jersey)


S2S RED BOX #4 (Delaware)
Old 272 (Maryland)
Belvedere Micro (Maryland)
Forest Guard (Maryland)
Eastern Airlines Crash Site Memorial (Maryland)
OFF YOUR ROCKER in Bel Air (Maryland)
Old Philly Road Circle (Maryland)
Leitschiene (Maryland)
No DialTone (Maryland)
Anita's Strong Box (Maryland)
Theres No Place Like Home #2 (Maryland)
X Marks The Spot (Maryland)
On The Way To My Fishing Hole (Maryland)
Runa Way I (Maryland)
Cokesbury Church (Maryland)
Cokesbury College (Maryland)
Get the Lead Out (Maryland)
Icy Remains (Maryland)
The North Star (Maryland)
A Monstrous Cache (Maryland)
Tired Cache (Maryland)
P.O. Box - Abingdon (Maryland)
Wrap Your Arms Around This One (Maryland)
Don’t say it! (Maryland)
Brewmeister (Maryland)
"OYR" Wanna Be #11 in Bel Air, MD (Maryland)
Military Left! (Maryland)
Davids Spiderman Lunchbox (Maryland)

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