Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Sold a Photograph!

Over the years that I've had a Flickr account, I've fielded dozens of requests for photos. While I've made a few exceptions for non-profit organizations, I do charge a nominal fee for photo use or reprint rights. Almost invariably, the requester breaks off contact as soon as I tell them that there's a fee involved. It's the internet after all. Why would anyone expect to pay for my work? So it's been a bit of a disappointing grind.

Last week, someone from a design firm finally said yes, they were willing to pay. That was quite a surprise! I guess they wanted a photo of a town landmark to add to a restaurant decor project they were doing. So they sent the money and I responded with the original photo image and paperwork. Maybe I'll see it in the restaurant one day if I get back to that part of Northern / Northwest NJ.
Tags: flickr, photographs
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