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Anthrocon 2012 - June 13 to 18

From the outset, I decided that I wasn't going to do as much this year at Anthrocon and that I was going to take it easy. Well, it never actually worked out that way. Although I wasn't in the Masquerade this time around, I was in the fursuit games, which I missed last year. And the rest of the time, I took part in the continuous string of events every day from morning to night. It was a load of fun.

Public Fursuiting: It seems lots of Pittsburgh locals know about Anthrocon now and there was a crowd of people on Friday and Saturday night hanging out in the Westin lobby, outside the Westin, and at the corner by Tonic, chatting with the furries and getting pictures with fursuiters. I thought that was amusing so instead of going to the dance, I fursuited out on the sidewalk in front of the Westin. It was a good, fun crowd. It reminded me of mascot gigs I've done, except this time, the adults rather than the kids were the excited ones.

There's one in every crowd: On Friday night, I was approached by a young lad who said he was not a furry but wanted to know about diaper fetish within the furry community. I wasn't even sure how to address that or if I should even say anything, so I told him that there may be some furries into that but I personally had nothing to tell him about it. Thankfully, that ended the conversation.

Tag Drama: For a number of years now, Anthrocon has issued special plastic tags to fursuiters. The design on the tag is different every year and it's a neat memento of the con. On Friday, I started hearing rumors that they weren't handing out tags to those wearing partial fursuits. One fursuiter actually started complaining to me about it, as if I had anything to do with that decision. Anyway, I took a look at who wasn't getting the tag and it was someone who wore street clothes and sneakers with just a fursuit head and gloves. Geez, if you're going to do that, at least try to have clothes that could be part of a costume instead of just the ordinary. However, I don't envy anyone who has to decide what is and isn't a fursuit. No matter where you draw the line, there'll always be borderline cases and judgment calls.

Slapband Story: We need to come up with better ways to secure con badges to our person. Three times this Anthrocon, I found a badge on the ground and returned it to its owner. On one of those occasions, the dorsai asked me to step aside. I was wondering what was up because he was writing down my badge number and name in his notebook. Then he put the band on my arm. (I was in fursuit at the time.) The "Dorsai Approved" slapband is apparently this year's version of the fursuiter ear tag. In previous years, the dorsai put ear tags on fursuiters, pretending to track them. (just like researchers tagging wild animals) Because there was only a limited run of tags, those became collectors' items. This year, the dorsai used numbered slap bracelets instead. From what I've heard, they didn't just give those out to any fursuiter. Some begged, some performed tricks, some were exceptionally cute, and one had to pee. (I'm not sure I even understood that story!) So the trick I performed, apparently, was to return a con badge. :)

Primanti Brothers: 7 visits (5 visits to the Strip District location, and twice to the Monroeville location), a record for one Pittsburgh trip. I had a sandwich for breakfast every day and another one for dinner on Sunday. The obsession continues!

Fursuit Games: I thought the games went well, except for the last one, which turned into a pile of twisted bodies due to poor design of the game, but I'm sure Sharky has heard enough complaints already. The first game was where everyone had balloons tied to their backs and you had to pop balloons of other teams. The second game was a relay race where everyone in the team had to pass through two hoops. The third game was a game of tossing plush toys through hoops. The last game was a rescue relay, where rescuers had to carry the rest of the team across a pretend bridge to safety.

Other Events I enjoyed: I thought Fursuit Games - Recess was fun too. It's supposed to be a "lite" version of the Fursuit Games but it had some intense moments too. (Fursuit Twister was funny.) The Fursuit Character Building panel was pretty enjoyable too because there was a lot of improv-style audience participation. Lest you think I only went to fursuit track panels, I also attended the "Cartooning & Character Design" panel. Here is one case where even if the topic isn't completely relevant to your interests, the enthusiasm of the panelist makes it a good listen.

Dealer's Den: It's HUGE this year. They expanded the con space this year to cover both Halls B and C within the convention center. With the art show, artist alley, and con store all moved over into Hall C, that left a ton of space for the dealers. The funny thing is I didn't buy anything at the Dealer's Den. It wasn't for lack of trying though. I saw a few items of clothing I wanted but they just didn't have my size. Oh well. That'll keep the clutter under control back at home.


Guardian of Air #2 (Pennsylvania)
Mrs. Flatouts 50th Birthday PA Turnpike Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sideling Hill TB motel (Pennsylvania)
Sideling Hill #1 (Pennsylvania)
Traveler's Rest (Pennsylvania)
Everett Eskimo (Pennsylvania)
Tenley Park - Mamma Owl (Pennsylvania)
Hospital hill (Pennsylvania)
Wally's Light on Cache (the sequel) (Pennsylvania)
PA Turnpike Cachette #3 (Pennsylvania)
TCBOSC #6 NEW BALTIMORE (Pennsylvania)
The S.S. Grand View Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Powered By Njorth (Pennsylvania)
Bill's cache (Pennsylvania)
The Middle Toe (Pennsylvania)
Somerset Micro 3 (Pennsylvania)
Somerset Micro 2 (Pennsylvania)
Legend of the JAGA Knights (Pennsylvania)
Somerset Micro 1 (Pennsylvania)
5 Years! (Pennsylvania)
Happy Ending: 9-4-9 (Pennsylvania)
For Those About to Rock (Pennsylvania)
Station Square - Ingot Mold (Pennsylvania)
3RHTS - Guarded (Pennsylvania)
Big Wheels Keep on Turning (Pennsylvania)
Dinomite #7: Artasaurus (Pennsylvania)
Fourth & Goal (Pennsylvania)


A Pittsburgh Sort of Thing #1 - Fries and Slaw (Pennsylvania)
Hole in the Wall (Pennsylvania)
Tic or Tac (Pennsylvania)
Head Scratcher #1 (Pennsylvania)
Fan leads the cheer (Pennsylvania)
Olde Frothingslosh, Where Have You Gone? (Pennsylvania)
Go Figure! (Pennsylvania)
Arsenal Arsenal Park Park (Pennsylvania)


Baby Got Back (Pennsylvania)
A Token Cache (Pennsylvania)
Midnight Rider (Pennsylvania)
WhatAWay (Pennsylvania)
You're In The Army Now (Pennsylvania)
Just a Basic Tree Cache (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the Abandoned Turnpike (Pennsylvania)
Abandoned Turnpike Parking Lot Cache (Pennsylvania)
I70E Rest Stop-Time To Stretch The Legs (Pennsylvania)
Bowmansville Plaza (Pennsylvania)

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