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Harford County, MD, and Central DE

It was another hot, sunny weekend. Over 90°F on Saturday and a bit less on Sunday. On Saturday, I went geocaching in Harford County around Churchville and Bel Air to continue where I stopped two weeks ago. Even though it was a fairly simple geocache, "BISON BANK" was the most interesting one of the day because of the bison nearby. Before heading home in the evening, I decided to get the Sunday Baltimore Sun in Maryland just for a change of pace. (The coupons shouldn't be that much different anyway.) Then I found out that the Maryland sales tax applies to newspapers! That is weird to me because I've been to states and cities with worse taxes but until that evening, I hadn't encountered any locale in which newspapers were taxed. This led to an interesting conversation with the store clerk who told me that Maryland taxes everything they can and they tax everything terribly. Now, there's a guy who has a grasp of the problem! :)

On Sunday, I went down to Kent County. There was a series of 6 geocaches placed for the Willow Rock event on Saturday, which I did not attend. Each cache represented one of the five senses, plus a sixth sense, geosense, which is the way experienced geocachers sometimes just know where caches are. After that, I headed down to Dover and Magnolia, where Trison78 has placed more cute geocaches, including a hermit crab, a chipmunk, and a fox! And finally, I visited Prime Hook and Slaughter Beach (3 geocaches in each beach area) before heading off to dinner.


Green Rat Hole (Maryland)
BISON BANK (Maryland)
Prancer (Maryland)
Harford History - Fountain Green Hospital (Maryland)
Ferfearda Where-R-You (Maryland)
Ferfearda (Maryland)
Hilltop Hide-A-Way (Maryland)
An Artful Guardian (Maryland)
I smell takeout!! (Maryland)
Yellow Box #64 (Maryland)
Sugar Stump (Maryland)
Bel Air Punk Rock History Tour #3 (Maryland)
Bel Air Town Run #1 (Maryland)
Liriodendron (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 11 (Maryland)
End of the Road in Bel Air (Version 4.0) (Maryland)
Bullseye #4: Bel Air (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 12 (Maryland)
A Hill Overlooking Bel Air (Version 2.0) (Maryland)
tennis anyone (Maryland)
baseball anyone (Maryland)
Energizing Cache (Maryland)
Yellow Box #24 (Maryland)
Yellow Box #27 (Maryland)
P.O. Box - Fallston (Maryland)
Comet (Maryland)
Park / Cache & Go (Maryland)
Holly Go Lightly (Maryland)
Cupid (Maryland)
Going on a Venture (Maryland)
A Clump of Trees (Maryland)
Roller Derby (Maryland)


100 Becks Woods (Delaware)
Just another berry (Maryland)
Gray Box Cache (Maryland)
Willow Rock's EXPLORES THE 6 SENSES: HEARING (Delaware)
Willow Rock's EXPLORES THE 6 SENSES: SIGHT (Delaware)
Willow Rock's EXPLORES THE 6 SENSES: TASTE (Delaware)
Willow Rock's EXPLORES THE 6 SENSES: GEOSENSE (Delaware)
Willow Rock's EXPLORES THE 6 SENSES: SMELL (Delaware)
Willow Rock's EXPLORES THE 6 SENSES: TOUCH (Delaware)
Garden Needs (Delaware)
BUTHIDAE (Delaware)
From the Land of BAYALA - NIMSAY (Delaware)
Misspillion Riverwalk Revisited HM026 (Delaware)
A Kings Cache #8 HM022 (Delaware)
Progress?? HM025 (Delaware)
A Tale of Three Trees (Delaware)
Yet Another Guardrail Cache HM024 (Delaware)
Reynolds Church HM023 (Delaware)
Prime hooker (Delaware)
Cedar Creek Hundred (Delaware)
Oh Deer Me (Delaware)
Beach visit (Delaware)
Slaughter Beach Series - Evans Dr (Delaware)
Slaughter Beach Series - Memorial Day Cache (Delaware)

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