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Upper Macungie (Lehigh Valley) and Harford County

It was another sunny and hot weekend. Afternoons were over 90°F, with the temperature peaking at 104°F on Sunday. On Saturday morning, I went to Upper Macungie for the "Cache in the Parks 2012, Upper Macungie Township" geocaching event. This event started at 10am but I didn't feel like waking up early to start the two-hour drive there, so I arrived after the first hour of the event. This geocaching event was a teaching event with a presentation and a geocaching outing to show beginners the ropes. By the time I got there, the presentation had ended and the class was heading out into the park to do some nearby geocaches. However, I still got the chance to talk to some of the LVGC regulars. Then I went off on my own to find geocaches in the area. I managed to do over 30 geocaches in a small area centered around the town of Weisenberg. It appeared that vauction and a few other geocachers had been busy populating the town with geocaches, so there were many along the quiet country roads. There were even five geocaches in Weisenberg Recreation Area, a park that is still undeveloped!

On Sunday, I went to Harford and Baltimore Counties to do geocaches in Abingdon, Bel Air, and White Marsh. It's the same area as some of my earlier trips but this time, since I knew the area a bit better, I tried to do geocaches that I skipped past on previous trips. I think it's a better idea to visit this area on Sunday instead of Saturday because of traffic issues. White Marsh, especially, is ridiculously congested with shopper traffic on Saturday but I had no problems at all there on Sunday evening.


Cache in the Parks 2012, Upper Macungie Township (Pennsylvania)
Old Fogey! (Pennsylvania)
Yummy - Mulberries! (Pennsylvania)
Around the Block (Pennsylvania)
Down On The Corner (Pennsylvania)
Cache In Trash Out - #4 (Pennsylvania)
Cache In Trash Out - #3 (Pennsylvania)
Cache In Trash Out - #8 (Pennsylvania)
Cache In Trash Out - #9 (Pennsylvania)
Cache In Trash Out - #1 (Pennsylvania)
Futuristic Cache (Pennsylvania)
All I want for Christmas 1 (Pennsylvania)
All I want for Christmas 3 (Pennsylvania)
Muskrats!! (Pennsylvania)
Dawn of a new Decade (Pennsylvania)
Blacksmith Hide (Pennsylvania)
Obviously You Have to Turn!! (Pennsylvania)
Boogie Box (Pennsylvania)
Mohr the Merrier (Pennsylvania)
Ali's Special Box (Pennsylvania)
Hope You Join Us! (Pennsylvania)
Pappy's Woods (Pennsylvania)
Pop Rocks (Pennsylvania)
#5 - Beats Me Why? (Pennsylvania)
Spitz Cache (Pennsylvania)
Over the Creek (Pennsylvania)
Teenie Weenie One Out in the Country! (Pennsylvania)
You Got Game? (Pennsylvania)
Game Hunting? (Pennsylvania)
Over the Hills & Through the Woods (Pennsylvania)
Why Oh Why? (Pennsylvania)
Reflect On This View (Pennsylvania)
Take me out to the ball game (Pennsylvania)
The Cash Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cat Colony Cache (Pennsylvania)
Fit For Life Cache (Pennsylvania)


Elkton Baby Birds (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 7 (Maryland)
Sanctuary (Maryland)
Pinaceae (Maryland)
Kitty Cache (Maryland)
The Tree That Will Not Die (Maryland)
Take me out to the Ball Game (Maryland)
Take A Chance (Maryland)
Constant Friendship Cache v.2 (Maryland)
Which one? (Maryland)
Roots of Wisdom (Maryland)
Abingdon Cache (Maryland)
Cache Stick (Maryland)
Twisted Cache (Maryland)
The Cheap Seats (Maryland)
Down Range (Maryland)
Twist and Turn and Shout About.... (Maryland)
Black Raspberry (Maryland)
Guard The Key (Maryland)
Yellow Box #23 (Maryland)
Yellow Box #22 (Maryland)
When Lightning Strikes (Maryland)
Route 7 C&D (Maryland)
Pick your own (Maryland)
Wild Hogs (Maryland)
Bullzeye (Maryland)
Micro Crisis (Maryland)
Bullseye #3: White Marsh (Maryland)
A marble near a work place (Maryland)
Elmo's Euphoria (Maryland)
Gone Fishing at Cowington Park (Maryland)
Ice Cream of the Past (Delaware)
Road to Nowhere: Stanton (Delaware)

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