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The 111-geocache week

Last Monday, I hit the 18,000-cache milestone. After this Monday's evening cache outing, I was up to 18,111 caches. So it was a 111-cache week. I don't think it was my highest one-week total since I've done a few powertrails, but for regular geocaching without taking any extra days off (aside from the Independence Day holiday), it is more than usual.

On the July 4th holiday, I took a trip up to Lehigh Valley. There were a few geocaches very near the Lehigh Valley exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Extension that I never got a chance to do on previous trips. I did those on this trip and then traveled around Macungie and Allentown the rest of the day. Nothing too special that day, except for one geocache that was under an abandoned tower. I think it's an old-fashioned stone water tower but who really knows?

On Saturday, I went to Harford County in Maryland again to try to finish the remaining geocaches around Aberdeen. This was not the best geocaching trip. I had trouble at a few geocache sites and got attacked by yellow jackets at a river area. I had to kill one of them because it followed me into the car and entered one of my shoes. Near the end of the day, I decided to try the toll-free route home via US-1 (both the I-95 and US-40 bridges have $6 tolls going northbound) and that took me to a batch of recent geocaches in Rising Sun and Oxford that I'd been meaning to do.

Sunday's trip was the best one of the week. I guess that's the reward for putting up with Saturday. :) I headed up towards Lehigh Valley again but this time, I stopped at a number of towns along I-476 and Route 309. I geocached in Marple Township, Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting, Quakertown, Richland, Coopersburg, Center Valley, and finally Allentown. I spent the bulk of the day in Quakertown and Richland. There was also an interesting set of 7 geocaches at DeSales University in Center Valley, including one at a spiral sculpture near the Labuda Theater on campus.


Another Stinkin Cache (Delaware)
New Garden Open Space #2 (Pennsylvania)


So Tired. (Pennsylvania)
7 Mile - 7 Day Cache (Pennsylvania)
Schantz Spring (Pennsylvania)
No Geese here II! (Pennsylvania)
All Geared Up (Pennsylvania)
Park & Ride (Pennsylvania)
WHAT IS THAT THING? (Pennsylvania)
Got Mangos? (Pennsylvania)
Tennis without the court (Pennsylvania)
A Friendly Gesture (Pennsylvania)
Three Squared (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Aquarius (Pennsylvania)
TFTContainer (Pennsylvania)
West End Cache (Pennsylvania)
Green Leaf (Pennsylvania)
Back in the Game (Pennsylvania)
Ramal's Word (Pennsylvania)
All roads lead to Roma. (Pennsylvania)
Squirrelly (Pennsylvania)
Fishy (Pennsylvania)
"Power to Reflect" (Pennsylvania)
I in a Storm (Pennsylvania)
In A Pickle (Pennsylvania)
Seven & Seven (Pennsylvania)
Friend or Fido? (Pennsylvania)
No Geese here! (Pennsylvania)
Restaurant cache (Pennsylvania)
My Pink Purse (Pennsylvania)
T-A (Pennsylvania)
W-6 (Pennsylvania)
In the RITE light 2. (Pennsylvania)


Rescue Me! TB Motel (Delaware)
Kelvin's Not Here! (Delaware)
Washington Woods Park (Maryland)
Shank You Very Much (Maryland)


Yellow Submarine (Delaware)


Ode to Old Wally World (Maryland)
Outback 'o Rita (Maryland)
Tidewater "Point" Cache (Maryland)
The Tallest Cedar (Maryland)
Big Easy (Maryland)
P.O. Box - Aberdeen (Maryland)
In Loving Memory (Maryland)
In the Park ____ _____ (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 17 (Maryland)
Oxford PAF (Pennsylvania)
Bush Forest Ruins (Maryland)
So What's The "Point" (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 19 (Maryland)
In Memorium: Norman C. Moore Sr. (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 15 (Maryland)
Carlin Cache (Maryland)
"Lets Roll" C & D (Maryland)
4 Wheel'en (Maryland)
Whats Your Flavor ? (Maryland)
Duck Duck Goose (Maryland)
You Don't Have To Be A Boyscout (Maryland)
Walk the Planks (Maryland)
Cowconut (Maryland)
Josephine the Quaker (Pennsylvania)
Hello?... Hello? (Pennsylvania)
Two C One One (would be lucky) (Pennsylvania)
Swiss Made (Pennsylvania)


19 Hour Parking (Pennsylvania)
New Ardmore Park (Pennsylvania)
The $1 School (Pennsylvania)
Old Marple School Playground (Pennsylvania)
I'm going to Barr-Harbor (Pennsylvania)
Shortcut (Pennsylvania)
CCT, come an find me...again! (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #25 - Stake Your Pointe (Pennsylvania)
What's At Stake? #12 - Stakes and Stones... (Pennsylvania)
Señor Frog Creek (Pennsylvania)
Pinky (Pennsylvania)
Stay Healthy (Pennsylvania)
What A Nickel Will Get You (Pennsylvania)
Low Cash Cache (Pennsylvania)
Family Tree (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Ant - Quakertown (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Break # 8 "Wally's Watching" (Pennsylvania)
Monsters Unleashed: Frankenstein (Pennsylvania)
If a woodchuck could chuck wood. (Pennsylvania)
Everyday Glory 2 (Pennsylvania)
All Gave Some, Some Gave All (Pennsylvania)
Tired of litterers (Pennsylvania)
What's your favorite ice cream dish? (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Ant - Coopersburg (Pennsylvania)
Wise Guys - Wolfman (Pennsylvania)
Caught Red Handed (Pennsylvania)
Our Lady of Deliverance (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to DSU (Pennsylvania)
Taming the Shrub (Pennsylvania)
Bridge to Success (Pennsylvania)
Corner Kick (Pennsylvania)
Modern Art? (Pennsylvania)
Pigs in Space - Merak (Pennsylvania)
It Must Be Another Sign (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Scorpio (Pennsylvania)
Baby Sammi (Pennsylvania)
Where in Sam Hill III (Pennsylvania)
Cup O' Joe (Pennsylvania)


Graylyn Cache (Delaware)
Quite the tangled spider web! (Delaware)
testing..testing...1,2,3! (Delaware)
Hungry? (Delaware)
ZTU (Delaware)
WCCPC Cache (Delaware)
Lori's Cache (Maryland)
Chesterville Bridge (Pennsylvania)

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