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Elk Neck and South Jersey

It was a hot and sunny (and then cloudy) weekend. The rain storm in the weather forecast didn't actually get here until Sunday night. On Saturday, I went hiking in Elk Neck State Forest and State Park. For years, I'd just been driving past this big group of geocaches on the peninsula to the south of the town of North East, Maryland. Well, Saturday was the day to tackle them!

There were 3 areas I visited on this trip. First, I went to the State Forest. This is a less developed area than the State Park. There is a long dirt road and a few trails like the Pete Bond trail, but most of the hiking was rough and off-trail. After that, I went a few miles further south to the north section of Elk Neck State Park. This is a well-groomed part of the park, although the woodland trails have had storm damage and needed maintenance. It's also a fee area, so I did all the geocaches I could to make it worthwhile. Then I went to the south end of Elk Neck. This is a relatively flat piece of land with a gravel trail going to the Turkey Point lighthouse. And finally, I returned to the north section of Elk Neck to hit the trails from the Route 272 parking area. This was the roughest part of the hike with a number of fallen trees (probably recent storm damage) across the trail.

On Sunday, I went geocaching in Camden County from Runnemede to Berlin. One shocking thing about Runnemede and that area in general is how much litter there is everywhere. I guess folks who live there don't notice the gradual buildup but I haven't been to Runnemede in a while and it is definitely much worse than I remembered. I wish people wouldn't throw trash out from their cars, especially when the town doesn't seem to have used a street sweeper in a while. Anyway, I was there to find the physical containers for a number of puzzle caches that I'd solved. However, the two most notable caches of the day were traditional caches. "Kat-Gas" is a fiendishly evil cache hide. I didn't see it at first but the helpful gas station owner, who was aware of the cache, said something that made me take a closer look. "Dennis Nedry - Analyst" is the cleverest cache of the day. It's in the cache owner's front yard so he was able to set up something very interesting that required several tools to retrieve. They watched from afar as I looked for it and once I was done, they told me that at around 8 minutes, I was the fastest to figure it out thus far. (Some previous visitors took 30-40 minutes.)


Come on Down to MY Town (Maryland)
Claire Bear (Maryland)
CAM 2012 - Elk Neck State Forest (Maryland)
Creeeepy Hollow (Maryland)
Ya Gotta Wannit (Maryland)
Soaking In The Sun (Maryland)
Dylan's Delight (Maryland)
Lighthouse Trail #1 (Maryland)
I hear Boats? (Maryland)
Is it time (Maryland)
CJS - Elk Neck State Park #2 (Maryland)
CJS - Elk Neck State Park (Maryland)
CAM 2008 - Turkey Point (Maryland)
This is twisted (Maryland)
And now there are 3 (Maryland)
Reach for IT (Maryland)


Corner of Runnemede (New Jersey)
The Armory (New Jersey)
3B's- Beads, Bows and Buttons (New Jersey)
Recycle an old cache container (New Jersey)
Dearg (New Jersey)
Font Fun (New Jersey)
Volleyball #13 (New Jersey)
Echelon Triceratops (New Jersey)
Om-nom-osaurus Eats Bread (New Jersey)
3legged Kat (New Jersey)
Small Shiny Thingies (New Jersey)
OGS! #3 (New Jersey)
Ack-a-me (New Jersey)
JD's Goalie Trail - Voorhees (New Jersey)
2012 March Madness (New Jersey)
City Of Fees (New Jersey)
OGS #1 (New Jersey)
Water You Waiting For? (New Jersey)
Pulp Fiction 2K12 (New Jersey)
LibraryKat (New Jersey)
Dennis Nedry - Analyst (New Jersey)
Kat-Gas (New Jersey)
Circus Kat (New Jersey)
EGGcellent Easter Kat Basket (New Jersey)
"I'm Bored" (New Jersey)
Presidential Fun (New Jersey)

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