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SEPAG storms the castle while SJG bowls away the summertime blues

This weekend, I went to two geocaching events, a SEPAG picnic in Doylestown on Saturday and a SJG bowling event on Sunday. The weather was hot (90°F), humid and rainy on Saturday but somewhat cooler and less humid on Sunday.

Saturday morning's drive up to "SEPAG Storms the Castle IX" in Doylestown was rather awful. There were traffic delays on the Blue Route but the worst part was an accident I saw on Route 611 in Horsham. Traffic was moving very slowly at that time. A bus was stopped at a bus stop on the side of the road. I noticed an SUV was heading right for the bus. I thought there would be enough time for that SUV to stop but it hit the bus and crunched into the bus in slow motion. That force was enough to shake up the bus. So traffic was delayed for a bit while they got everyone out of those vehicles to safety. After that bit of adventure, the rest of my trip to Central Park in Doylestown was uneventful. The picnic pavilion was packed. There was a lot of food and even a geocaching logo cake. It rained while we were there so most of us waited until the rain stopped before heading out to do the new geocaches in the area. No matter. There was more time to chat and catch up with things that were happening. After the picnic, I did a few geocaches with Spatial Distortion and Stamp My Art. The group hike wasn't really planned; we happened to arrive at the trailhead at around the same time, so why not do those geocaches together? That was fun.

On Sunday morning, I went to Brewster's Pub / Laurel Lanes in Mount Laurel for "SJG Bowls Away the Summertime Blues". It's a lunch geocaching event followed by bowling, although I didn't stay for the bowling part of it because I wanted to go geocaching around Mount Laurel and Berlin. We had a decent buffet table of food but what's remarkable is it was free, courtesy of the bowling alley and pub! SJG's motto is "we don't starve", but it's a good thing that we also do a lot of hiking to burn off those calories. :) Anyway, attendance at this event was lower than the SEPAG picnic but I did get to see some of the South Jersey regulars.


Where did the trailer park go? (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Edison Village (Pennsylvania)
SEPAG Storms the Castle IX (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [4.5/1.5] WHY SO SERIOUS??? (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide II (Pennsylvania)
Clean It Up! (Pennsylvania)
Bike & Hike 1 (Pennsylvania)
No Prickers, No Ticks, I'm Ashamed (Pennsylvania)
This Cache Is for the Birds! (Pennsylvania)
A place to raise a family (Pennsylvania)
Find Our Cache For Woodness Sake (Pennsylvania)
Another View of New 202 (Pennsylvania)
Don't Feed the Geese! (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Ant - New Britain (Pennsylvania)
Daffodil Rock (Pennsylvania)
New Britain Cache #3 (Pennsylvania)
Pooh's Lair (Pennsylvania)
Rocky Start (Pennsylvania)
Stop Bugging Me - #1 (Take 2) (Pennsylvania)
Bison in the Pines XI (Pennsylvania)
Clean It Up! II (Pennsylvania)
Church for Sale (Pennsylvania)


California Dreaming (New Jersey)
New Deal Legacy: Strawbridge Lake Park (New Jersey)
SJG Bowls Away the Summertime Blues (New Jersey)
The Interview (New Jersey)
Good Times, Good Times (New Jersey)
The Devil Wears Prada (New Jersey)
The Tree of Life (New Jersey)
Find Cherry Hill (New Jersey)
Playtime with Paulie (New Jersey)
Biology (New Jersey)
Another Micro in the Park (New Jersey)
Baragon's domain (New Jersey)
20 years ago, or so.. (New Jersey)
Mama Kat Bison (New Jersey)
Cache Value Store (New Jersey)
Slapshot (New Jersey)
King Kong's cache (New Jersey)
Mason's Cache (New Jersey)
Biollante's cache (New Jersey)
"Sheena is a Punk Rocker" (New Jersey)
Shoppers Delite 2 (New Jersey)
The Passenger (New Jersey)
KAT o Nine Tails (New Jersey)

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