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Lancaster XXXXIX and Roxborough / Northwest Philadelphia

It was a sunny, hot weekend, 90-98°F, that ended in a thunderstorm. On Saturday, I went geocaching around Lancaster, going west from Ronks all the way to around Mountville. I hadn't been there in over two months so it was just a visit to do any new geocaches in that area. I didn't specifically target any series of caches, although there was a set of "Irish" geocaches in downtown Lancaster that was apparently placed for one of the monthly events. I also did a bunch more "Old Souls" geocaches, which were all in cemeteries.

I'd originally planned to go to Lehigh Valley on Sunday but I saw the approaching storm clouds in the weather radar and decided it would be better to remain local. So I went for some puzzle geocaches, near Plymouth Meeting and Conshohocken, for which I had the solution coordinates. Then I geocached in Roxborough the rest of the day. The "URR" series of geocaches are all along the trail around the Upper Roxborough Reservoir, which is just a dry basin now that it is no longer in use. The thunderstorm began in the early evening, so I went home at that time. We don't play around when there's lightning!


No Pie Do I Spy (Pennsylvania)
Along a babbling brook (Pennsylvania)
[GeoGames] 6585km bis Leipzig / 4092mi to Leipzig (Pennsylvania)
Cache Advance (Pennsylvania)
The Happy Camper (Pennsylvania)
When Irish "Y's" Aren't Smiling (Pennsylvania)
Wild Irish Rows (Pennsylvania)
Get Your Irish Up (Pennsylvania)
BR-549 (Pennsylvania)
Raiders of the Lost Park (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - Benjamin 1726 "gateway to peace" (Pennsylvania)
Where in the World is EHHBYOHN? (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - Habecker - WWII Vet (Pennsylvania)
Nuts a"Bolt" you (Pennsylvania)
Noah's - EHCACNGISPOTS (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - Susanna 1739 (Pennsylvania)
I saw HERR standing there (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - Musselmans 1855 (Pennsylvania)
Happy Retirement Dr. Herr! (Pennsylvania)
Clue Me In: Gamepiece #7 (Pennsylvania)
Greenhorn (Pennsylvania)
Heli Cache (Pennsylvania)
Critter Cache #1 (Pennsylvania)
Critter Cache #4 (Pennsylvania)
Clue Me In: Gamepiece #15 (Pennsylvania)
Chiques Creek. MKH C&D Series (Pennsylvania)
Greenhorn 4 (Pennsylvania)
LOST Prize#3: Turkey (Pennsylvania)


Spamalot (Pennsylvania)
Eat, Shop or Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mall Cache (Pennsylvania)
Harriet Wetherill Park (Pennsylvania)
Zoe the electric pony (Pennsylvania)
Blackhorse Home Team (Pennsylvania)
Dont Get Distorted, Even If Only Spatially (Pennsylvania)
Waiting for the 9 - Andorra (Pennsylvania)
Stop.Cache.Shop. (Pennsylvania)
Leap Day (Pennsylvania)
Guardian of the pines (Pennsylvania)
21st Ward Baseball (Pennsylvania)
URR - In Tight (Pennsylvania)
URR - Intertwined (Pennsylvania)
URR - Top of the City (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Jeanne (Pennsylvania)
Wolf's Den 107 (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball #2 (Pennsylvania)
One Nutty Cache (Pennsylvania)

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