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Equinox Event, Henry Hudson Trail

There were two geocaching events on Saturday this weekend. I picked the further of the two, "Meet Me On The Equinox", which was at an ice cream place in Howell, NJ, because I figured there would be more geocaches near that event that I hadn't found yet. In browsing the geocaching map, I saw that it was true. In fact, there were around a hundred geocaches along the nearby Henry Hudson Trail!

Saturday began with a warm-up of 5 quick geocaches in Freehold. Then I went to the Freehold-Marlboro section of the Henry Hudson Trail. Geocaches on this stretch of the bike path were spaced about 0.1-0.2 mile apart and named after animals in alphabetical order. I found "Zebra" to "Rattlesnake". In total, I walked for about 9 miles but I moved my car twice to get to other parking areas further on the trail. Also, the cache series was not continuous; the last few were in a different section of the trail a few miles away. In the evening, I went to Howell for the event. It was a rather small gathering, but it was the perfect size for the benches in front of "Ice Cream on 9". I had a Smurf ice cream, which is blueberry flavor with marshmallows.

On Sunday, I returned to the Henry Hudson Trail to do more of the cache series. This section of the trail went from Keyport to Keansburg. This time, the geocaches were named for both vegetables and animals. I found "Arugula" to "Eggplant" and "Aardvark" to "Bobcat". I'm not sure how far I walked this time but it was at least 5 miles. This part of the cache series was not continuous and I kept having to drive around to get to other sections of it. Fortunately, there was a lot of parking as this part of the Henry Hudson Trail goes through residential areas and small-town business areas. I mixed it up a little and found other geocaches in the area while traveling between sections.


New Jersey Borders Memorial #7: Freehold (New Jersey)
CC Ghost Site 1 (New Jersey)
Toying Around (New Jersey)
Solomon Farm Cache (New Jersey)
537 Park N' Grab (New Jersey)
Woodpecker (New Jersey)
X-LabraDoodle (New Jersey)
Yak (New Jersey)
Zebra (New Jersey)
Wolverine (New Jersey)
Wolf (New Jersey)
White Tiger (New Jersey)
Weasel (New Jersey)
Wallaby (New Jersey)
The Parks of Freehold Twp. #8 (New Jersey)
HHH-NB 1 Henry Hudson Highway (New Jersey)
Warbler (New Jersey)
Walrus (New Jersey)
Vole (New Jersey)
Velociraptor (New Jersey)
Warthog (New Jersey)
Tarsier (New Jersey)
Termite (New Jersey)
Tiger (New Jersey)
Tortoise (New Jersey)
Turkey (New Jersey)
Uakari (New Jersey)
Vicuna (New Jersey)
Viper (New Jersey)
Vulture (New Jersey)
HHH-NB 2 Henry Hudson Highway (New Jersey)
Swan (New Jersey)
Stoat (New Jersey)
Stick Insect (New Jersey)
Starfish (New Jersey)
Squirrel (New Jersey)
HHH-SB 7 Henry Hudson Highway (New Jersey)
Off To Great Places (New Jersey)
Salamander (New Jersey)
Royal penguin (New Jersey)
Rattlesnake (New Jersey)
Meet Me On The Equinox (New Jersey)


Arugula (New Jersey)
Aspargus (New Jersey)
Artichoke (New Jersey)
HHH-EB 3 Henry Hudson Highway (New Jersey)
Avocado (New Jersey)
HHH-EB 5 Henry Hudson Highway (New Jersey)
Apple (New Jersey)
Beets (New Jersey)
Cauliflower (New Jersey)
Eggplant (New Jersey)
Terminal A (New Jersey)
Creepy Crawly Cache (New Jersey)
Soggy Mustangs (New Jersey)
Broccoli (New Jersey)
Dates (New Jersey)
Carrot (New Jersey)
Beetle (New Jersey)
Black Bear (New Jersey)
Blackbird (New Jersey)
Bee (New Jersey)
Beaver (New Jersey)
Bat (New Jersey)
Bass (New Jersey)
Basilisk (New Jersey)
Badger (New Jersey)
Barracuda (New Jersey)
Bald Eagle (New Jersey)
Triple Play on the HHH (New Jersey)
Alligator (New Jersey)
Albatross (New Jersey)
Aardvark (New Jersey)
Boar (New Jersey)
Bobcat (New Jersey)
Bethany & Ronald's PNG (New Jersey)
just because (New Jersey)
Rest-Full Area (New Jersey)

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