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First State Challenge 2012

Saturday was the launch day of First State Challenge 2012, an annual state-wide geocaching challenge. 30 geocaches were published early Saturday morning. Geocachers who log 8 geocaches in each of the 3 counties will get a completion certificate and a special pathtag. This year's challenge is a little different from previous years because we only needed to find 24 out of 30 caches instead of all of them. However, in two days, I did find them all anyway. Also this year, I thought I'd save a bit of driving by tackling the northern geocaches first but that didn't quite work. By the end of Saturday, I was already down in Sussex County when it got dark. So I had to go to Sussex County again on Sunday. Even though this state is small, it took a lot of driving around down in the south end where the state is wider.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I ran into other geocachers numerous times along the way; we were apparently all obsessed with completing the challenge quickly even though the challenge lasts five weeks! I took the opportunity to find some non-challenge geocaches along the southern edge of the state, like "Line Church" and "A Fallen Hero", since I don't go down there very often. There were a few neat geocaches: the frog geocache and the winery geocache. And I saw the cat waiter, an unexpected piece of furry art in Delmar.


FSC-2012 Veterans Memorial Park (Delaware)
FSC-2012 UofD (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Tweeds Tavern (Hockessin) (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Valley Garden Park (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Winterthur (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Brandywine Creek (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Greenbank Mill (Delaware)
FSC-2012 St. James' Church (Stanton) (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Clayton-Blackiston (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Cow Marsh Primitive Baptist Church (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Felton (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Camden Comfort Stop (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Little Creek (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Wildlife Observation Tower (Little Creek) (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Pickering Beach (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Magnolia (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Cape Henlopen State Park (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Rehoboth Beach's Silver Lake (Delaware)
Massey's Micro (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Long Neck/Massey's Landing (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Dagsboro (Delaware)
Delaware's Future Energy (Delaware)
The Atocha (Delaware)
Itsy Bitsy Green Thing (Delaware)
Milford's Newest HM027 (Delaware)


FSC-2012 Old Zion Cemetery (Port Penn) (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Harrington State Fair (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Bridgeville Library (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Tussock Pond (Delaware)
GRF152 (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Delmar (Delaware)
Line Church (Delaware)
A Fallen Hero (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Bethel United Methodist Church (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Red Men's Cemetery (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Bowers Beach (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Price Memorial Park-Middletown (Delaware)
FSC-2012 Glasgow-Newark (Delaware)

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