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Finishing the Henry Hudson Trail, Rainy Day Chester County

On Saturday, I returned to the Henry Hudson Trail in Monmouth County to finish the remainder of the animals series. This time, I started at the other end in Leonardo and did geocaches "Anaconda" thru "Chipmunk". On this part of the trail though, they weren't strictly in alphabetical order. I still had plenty of time after that, so I went around Atlantic Highlands, Keansburg, Middletown, and Keyport to do more geocaches in the area. I was amazed at how much money these beach towns have spent on their waterfronts. Keyport, in particular, had the most well-lit gazebo I've ever seen. However, that made finding the geocache easy, even at night. The boardwalk in Laurence Harbor was a pretty nice walk at night too.

Sunday was a rainy day, so I woke up late and had breakfast out at the local IHOP. (I had a coupon for a free Rooty Tooty.) My plan was to do just a few geocaches in the afternoon between rain showers. So I headed out to West Chester and Exton after breakfast. Most of the geocaches I did were pretty quick. The exception, "WO-10 - Station Hillside Hollow", required a climb up a steep hillside. I apparently saved the best one for last though. "Mon Sheree Arbor" was a rather tricky geocache. I actually saw it pretty early in my search but didn't think it was the cache. Still, something about the way it was sitting bothered me enough that I had to go back and take a closer look, and that's how I found the hidden tube. Sometimes, I've got to pay more attention to a hunch.


Transformers : Ironhide (New Jersey)
Caribou (New Jersey)
Cheetah (New Jersey)
Camel (New Jersey)
Chameleon (New Jersey)
Chipmunk (New Jersey)
Buffalo (New Jersey)
Bonobo (New Jersey)
Anaconda (New Jersey)
Ant (New Jersey)
Antelope (New Jersey)
Armadillo (New Jersey)
Baboon (New Jersey)
200 Fathoms of Wampum, 5 Coats, 1 Cloth Cap .... (New Jersey)
Tiny Often Empty Park: East Keansburg, NJ (New Jersey)
Dogs go waakaak (New Jersey)
Kodak (New Jersey)
Dogs go for a boat ride (New Jersey)
Lali (New Jersey)
Note to self.. (New Jersey)
Cerca ... Trova (New Jersey)
Hide … and Seek (New Jersey)
Trick ... or Treat (New Jersey)
Selachian Attack (New Jersey)
Roll Tide in Jersey (New Jersey)
Whoo Whoo (New Jersey)
Did Walt Rest Herea? (New Jersey)


Cache It Up (Pennsylvania)
Ghost Train WCRR (Pennsylvania)
Marshall Square Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Ghost Train WCRR #2 (Pennsylvania)
Ava's Cache (Pennsylvania)
WO-10 - Station Hillside Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Ship Inn Stable - Colonial Cache #7 (Pennsylvania)
Ghost Train WCRR #4 (Pennsylvania)
A Kin9dom in Ruins (Pennsylvania)
Mon Sheree Arbor (Pennsylvania)

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