Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five on Monday!

From The Friday Five:

Washing machine: front-loader or top-loader?

Detergent: liquid or powder?
Currently, liquid, although it depends on what was on sale at the Warehouse Club the last time I needed detergent.

Rinse cycle: fabric softener or another additive?
No fabric softener. Towels must have cardboard texture!!

And then: clothesline or dryer?

Do you fold things straight off the line or out of the dryer? What do you iron (or have someone iron for you)?
Folding and ironing are wastes of time. I just get clothes from the clothesline.

From The Friday Five:

When did you get your first cell phone?
In the 90s, some time after I started driving. It was a brick-like emergencies-only phone from AAA with a mere 30 minutes of airtime per month.

Do you have any special ring tones, if so what are they?
No, although I downloaded some generic notification sounds.

Does your phone have a camera?

What kind of phone do you have now?
It's an LG Optimus Elite.

What carrier do you use?
Virgin Mobile.
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