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Northwest of Philadelphia

Saturday started off with a trip to the local Comcast service center to replace the cable modem. Apparently, cable modems don't last terribly long. It had only been a year since the last time I replaced it but the RCA modem had already started experiencing frequent slowdowns and disconnections, and each time that happened, it took a long time to reconnect. After a conversation with tech support, I took it back to Comcast and got a replacement, which is a Motorola Surfboard this time. (They picked one at random from their collection of refurbished equipment.) Hope it lasts longer than a year.

Anyway, in the half a day that remained, I decided not to go out too far for geocaching. I started with a few geocaches in King of Prussia and Norristown before moving to the Northwest Philadelphia, Flourtown, and finishing in Fort Washington and Dresher. I hadn't been to Northwest Philly in quite a while and there were a lot of new geocaches! The treehouse at "Wissahickon's REAL Tree House" was pretty neat, although it's accessible only as part of the ropes course. There isn't a ladder to get up there. Also interesting was a note that police left in "Under Ashley's Light". I wonder if they actually got the info from the geocaching website or if they were investigating a call from a local and then realized what it was.

Since there were so many new geocaches in the area I visited on Saturday, I returned on Sunday to continue where I had stopped. This time, I was in Dresher, Oreland, Ardsley, Glenside, Jenkintown, and Abington. I came across a number of creative geocaches but the nicest one was a lotus geocache. It's "Lily under the Acer", which was placed with permission just outside a Japanese restaurant. Also very noteworthy was "Exorcising the Evil #2", a geocache that is rated 4.5 stars for difficulty. Despite the deviousness of this cache, I found it right away once I got there because I remembered a Youtube video about a similar idea.


It's a gas! I (Pennsylvania)
It's a Gas! II (Pennsylvania)
3BirdStew (Pennsylvania)
Naming The Bridges #1 - Lloyd Redux (Pennsylvania)
Mr. Holland's Opus, I mean Cache. (Pennsylvania)
GTKN - Cricket's Cache (Pennsylvania)
"V" at the "H" (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 81.5 (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to --- No thru traffic (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to --- No thru traffic II (Pennsylvania)
Wissahickon's REAL Tree House (Pennsylvania)
North West Outpost (Pennsylvania)
Captain to the Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Parts of a Car #1 (Pennsylvania)
12 to P (Pennsylvania)
GRC #2 (Pennsylvania)
Circus McGurkus: Seuss #12 (Pennsylvania)
GRC #1 (Pennsylvania)
Rising Water (Pennsylvania)
End of the Line (Pennsylvania)
GRC #4 (Pennsylvania)
On the Fence (Pennsylvania)
Office Center Drive (Pennsylvania)
Power for 600 and 602 (Pennsylvania)
St. Geoge and his Yellow Bison (Pennsylvania)
Under Ashley's Light (Pennsylvania)


One of Two (Pennsylvania)
Bolthole (Pennsylvania)
Green House (Pennsylvania)
Lily under the Acer (Pennsylvania)
For all to see! (Pennsylvania)
ADCP (Pennsylvania)
Bring Trash out trash here. (Pennsylvania)
PaCitC #02: Yellow Electric Warrior (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Tertius Decimus (Pennsylvania)
A Death-Defying Cache - Nonus (Pennsylvania)
Exorcising the Evil #2 (Pennsylvania)
Speck of Dirt (Pennsylvania)
A Death-Defying Cache - Octavus (Pennsylvania)
Phila Sky Line. (Pennsylvania)
Horcrux #1 - Marvolo Gaunt's Ring (Pennsylvania)
G-Side 9 - AAPLPC (Pennsylvania)
Almost my GZ (Pennsylvania)
Left Field Or Foul (Pennsylvania)
Central Pine in this Park (Pennsylvania)
N-Hills 1 - Gone (Pennsylvania)
By the Light of the Moon (Pennsylvania)
G-Side 5 - at the edge of the Brooke (Pennsylvania)
Crybaby Cache (Pennsylvania)
Beneath Laverock Gardens (Pennsylvania)
Arcadia National Park (Pennsylvania)
W-Cote 2 Michael's Behind (Pennsylvania)
Library Creeper (Pennsylvania)
G-Side 4 - Renninger North (Pennsylvania)
G-Side 1 - Making tracks (Pennsylvania)
W-Cote 3 - Perley Stroll (Pennsylvania)
The Tooth Book: Seuss Series #2 (Pennsylvania)
The Eye Book: Seuss #13 (Pennsylvania)
Green Eggs and Ham: Seuss Series #3 (Pennsylvania)
La Cible (Pennsylvania)
Bullseye (Pennsylvania)

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