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Kent County and Montgomery County

On Saturday, I only needed 13 geocaches to get to the 19000-finds milestone, so I figured I'd just go to Central Delaware and try some of the new ones. Then I headed west, where one of the interesting geocaches was this one in a tortoise shell. I've seen many of those in the woods but never figured anyone would use one. I continued westwards, ending the day in Denton, MD.

Sunday, I figured I'd continue where I stopped last weekend in Montgomery County. This time, I geocached in the towns of Abington, Willow Grove, and Hatboro. This really is a cache-dense area now. It seems that I can keep going week after week and still not run out of geocaches.

At Veterans Memorial Park in Hatboro, there were 3 geocaches. When I arrived at the park, I noticed people were setting up something in the front parking area. I went past them and found the 3 geocaches. As I was returning from the woods, I saw that there was a fair in full swing. There was a deer mascot. He looks more like a dog mascot from the front but there are antlers on the back of his head. There were also a stuffed fox and a goat at the Pennypack Ecological Trust table.


Bump in night 5 (Delaware)
Bump in night 4 (Delaware)
Just Off I-95 (Delaware)
Bump in night 6 (Delaware)
Bump in night 3 (Delaware)
Bump in night 2 (Delaware)
Coleman's Other Cache (Delaware)
Coleman’s Cache (Delaware)
Bump in night 1 (Delaware)
Keeping Cool in Smyrna (Delaware)
Empty Lot (Delaware)
Can't get in from here (Delaware)
BSA Troop 154 (Delaware)
Chase's Second Cache (Delaware)
Love at first bite (Delaware)
Missing You (Delaware)
Morla of Holly Spring Estate (Delaware)
Tiny Often Empty Park (*Wanna Be): Greensboro, MD (Maryland)
Camp Revival (Maryland)
Lucasifan’s Half A Century Celebration Cache (Maryland)


tink's digs (Pennsylvania)
Friends House (Pennsylvania)
STOP after U shop! (Pennsylvania)
Cache n dash! (Pennsylvania)
Sidewalk Neighbor (Pennsylvania)
One Big Metal Storage Box (Pennsylvania)
Here is How (Pennsylvania)
Club 100 - Virtual Challenge (Pennsylvania)
Veterans Memorial Park (Pennsylvania)
Watch some good Baseball (Pennsylvania)
Dread Pirate Puzzle Cache (Pennsylvania)
Horseheaven on Frazier’s Hill (Pennsylvania)
When in Rome (Pennsylvania)
EASTWOOD Cache (Pennsylvania)
PaCitC #04: Ratatouille (Pennsylvania)
PaCitC #05: Rosie (Pennsylvania)
PMC Lite - 2012 (Pennsylvania)
I Think Icon Find It, Can You? (Pennsylvania)
PaCitC #06: Steatoda (Pennsylvania)
Ghost 308 (Pennsylvania)
Turnpike View (Pennsylvania)
LOST (Pennsylvania)
Nor.Wil.Gro.Par. (Pennsylvania)
There's No Place Like Home (Pennsylvania)
Fair Oaks (Pennsylvania)
My First Hide (Pennsylvania)
Hatboro Memorial (Pennsylvania)
Speak No Evil (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XIII (Pennsylvania)
Little Known Inventor (Pennsylvania)
263 Cache (Pennsylvania)

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